• Whether you want to buy a gift for your partner, friend, brother, father, or son, you know that you are not likely to go wrong with buying a gadget, especially if the man in your life is tech savvy. However, it always is hard deciding what kind of a gadget to get someone who is already up to date with all things technological. Here are some exciting ideas to buy gifts for tech savvy guys featuring the top gadget picks of 2017.

    Who doesn’t love a fancy pair of headphones? And if they are manufactured by a name that is synonymous with producing reverberating surround sound effects, such as Bose, all the better still. Bose’s Soundsport heads are designed not only to provide superb sound quality but also are waterproof so that they don’t slip out when sweating. What makes these headphones even better and one of the perfect gifts for tech savvy guys is that they are programmed to provide an automatic voice response when being paired with any device. Another good alternative to Bose headphones are the noise cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones from Plantronics that can serve the dual purpose of treating you to some really high-quality sound while also completely blocking out loud and disturbing noises.

    If you are planning a tech-driven gift for someone who loves gardening, look no further than the robotic lawn mower, which although comes at a steep price tag of a couple of thousand dollars, is a handy little machine to mow your lawn quickly and thoroughly.

    A variety of fitness trackers, with the popular Fitbit topping the list of gifts for tech savvy guys who are enthusiastic about fitness and also love to flaunt a high tech gadget. These trendy looking wearable devices track your activities through the day and also classify your activities based on type, intensity, duration, and amount of calories burnt. Not only that, these fitness gizmos that make perfect gifts for tech savvy guys also monitor your heart rate when you are active and at rest.

    With rapid advances in printing technology, 3D printers are now available for about half of what they cost even a year ago, making these good gifting options for tech savvy guys who prefer to work on the move and at home.

    Virtual Reality headsets are now available for use even outside of virtual gaming and can be used to enhance the thrill of experiencing an NBA game or listening to a rock concert live.

    Last but not least and always featuring on the list of preferred gifts for tech savvy guys are Bluetooth speakers, available in various sizes and price ranges.

    You can choose from these and the plethora of options available in online and offline stores and head on to buy the right gift for the tech savvy men in your life.

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  • The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launched by Apple have some feature and design upgrades from last year’s models, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Three notable features that makes the iPhone 8 series stand out is the introduction of the A11 Bionic processor, cameras improved with bigger and faster sensors for top notch photography, and the fascinating wireless charging feature. Some of the reasons why you should not have a second thought in buying an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus are as follows:

    Captivating screen:

    Apple’s integration of the True Tone feature is not only entrancing but also provides good light tones that match with the exposure of the surrounding light. This ensures clarity in open areas as well as closed ones be it a warm sunny day or a breezy night. The colours visible on screen renders a perfect display for viewing any content from documents to photos, videos, or even playing games. The quality of the display ensures that the graphic is in-depth in terms of perception and enhances the images for impeccable clarity.

    Processor in real time:

    The most remarkable feature of integrating the A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone 8 series ensures that even the photo-processing can be done in real time, a feature that is still a dream to be made true in most other phones. Apple has optimized its processor for rendering a seamless hardware and software integration that would not only ensure the multi-functionality of the phone but also allow for upgrading with the latest IOS for a good number of years. The enhancement of this processor is clearly visible through the different portrait modes introduced in the camera, during the use of AR apps, and high-end game processing without lags.

    For the love of photography and videography:

    Apple’s camera features have always stood out in all of its models, and it is no less in the iPhone 8 series. Apart from the extraordinary camera, the video features include 240fps slow motion video shooting in 1080p (slow motion in HD mode) and 4K video recording at 60fps. While the slow motion modes are usually restricted, Apple takes it a notch higher by allowing its iPhone 8 users to shoot any high speed events in slow motion for unlimited duration in HD quality. The shooting of 4K videos at the rate of 60 frames/second ensures that the video is smooth with high resolution, and adds a filmy quality with no need for any external filters to sharpen the images.

    Wireless charging:

    This feature is more accurate on the iPhone series than any other Android model as it does not require an exact setting in order to seat itself properly for charging.

    These are some of the most amazing reasons why the Apple iPhone 8 could be your next buy.

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  • MLB The Show 17 was released worldwide in March 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4. Suitably accepted by critics upon its release, with an aggregate score of 85/100, this is a Major League Baseball (MLB) video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s San Diego Studio. Just like the previous series, the MLB the show 17 is entirely based on the game of baseball which will interest the sport enthusiasts.

    Simulating the experience of a Major Baseball League, MLB The Show ’17, includes several game modes like its previous versions, and like most modern video games also has a licensed soundtrack with 12 songs. With not many technical issues or game bugs to deal with, and a user score of 7/10, MLB The Show ’17 received a lot of praise for the exceptionally brilliant new presentation. Its visual graphics, other features such as its plot and the way it is played, the sound effects, and the variety of different game modes, all of which enhance your gaming experience.

    The new Retro Mode for example inspired by the 1990s classic baseball game features custom audio and commentary by Ken Griffey Jr, former professional American baseball outfielder who played for 22 years in Major League Baseball, and an 8-bit throwback pause menu. And, the ability to control the progression of a particular player’s career is what the new feature, “Pave Your Path” is all about. Elaborate missions, all new exciting rewards, and new content that relates to real life baseball events, MLB the show 17 is even more enjoyable than before. Make calculated moves, plan crucial strategies, control and manage a whole Major Baseball League at your fingertips in this video game. You decide the techniques, methods, and maneuvers of play and take charge of handling the coaching of the players of your customized team as well. Everything, right from naming your team, to designing your unique logo and assigning uniforms, to officiating, planning and executing tournament like competitions online against other teams is possible now in the latest version.

    With an impressive set of game modes, MLB the show 17 has set high expectations and is certainly keeping it up as well. The refreshed new menu, effortless navigation, improved lighting in the games, redesigned animations, commentary by Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac that creates a better connection between what is actually happening on screen and the player. Also, the fresh and interesting dialogues by the broadcasters make this game more convincing and realistic.

    The creators of the MLB the show ’17 have successfully tried their best to personalize and bring the feel of a real-time baseball game to the PlayStation 4. The series of eighth generation home video game consoles, in the bargain motivate more people to play and get hooked on to their latest offering.

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  • Smartphones have become a way of life, as it contains an application (app) for anything and everything that one may essentially need assistance with. Physical activity has also found a place on the apps category due to the increasing awareness of fitness in the current sedentary lifestyle of many. The app markets are filled with different workout and fitness apps that cater to keeping a check and promoting healthy lifestyle in order to curb the onset of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. These workout mobile game apps are every engaging and are highly motivational for its users because they add the element of fun to push oneself voluntarily into physical activity. These mobile game workout apps are best suited for those who prefer to work out at home or prepare their own workout regimes based on their time constraints. While most of these apps are available for free on the market, there are some that have in-app purchases and other paid apps for the higher fitness needs and expert assist.

    Some of the main advantages of using these mobile game workout apps are:

    Keep track of one’s progress:

    It is important to keep track of one’s physical activity progress because that enables better evaluation of one’s strategy over a period of time. If the results are favorable then one can easily carry on pushing their limits within the chosen workout regime or try alternate methods that boost activity.

    Get creative:

    Doing the same routine everyday can be mundane and even cause you to step out of physical activity altogether at times. To avoid this, the mobile game workout apps have inbuilt programs to help amp up your activity through different routines both inside and outside one’s home to get better results and keep the fun intact.

    Helps set goals:

    Most people workout aimlessly. Setting goals is the one basic step that everyone interested in fitness should follow for better productivity. These mobile game workout apps have games that can boost your goals. One can also simply set every day, weekly, and monthly targets to achieve from their workout regimes.

    Choose the best form of exercise:

    Instead of sticking to one form, there are mobile game workout apps that suggest and allow you to record your progress doing different activities such as cycling, swimming, jogging, running, yoga, etc. By trying out different interesting workout modes, one can easily fall into an interesting routine and try out new exciting forms as well. The apps helps not only to customize the plan but also offer various suggestions in and around one’s locality regarding events such as marathons, boot camps, etc.

    Keep track of one’s diet:

    Diet is an important factor to be kept in check and monitored regularly for optimum results. By doing so, one will be able to keep their diet in check, thereby helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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  • 4 effective gadgets to enhance your workout

    Technology is definitely a boon to all the fitness freaks out there, as there are so many gadgets and apps in the market today for an individual to get the best out of their workout. Today, technology can not only be used to track one’s heart rate, calories burned, or the distance covered but also helps to make the workout bearable and enjoyable. There are plenty of the most effective workout tech gadgets out there that promise to enhance your workout experiences. However, with the number of these gadgets in the market, it is difficult for a non-tech savvy person to pick the ones worth investing in. Scroll down to take a look at some of the top-rated and the most effective workout techs that you can carry to the gym or keep handy for any exercise so that you are suitably equipped for your workout:

    • Skulpt muscle scanner and app:

      The Skulpt muscle scanner helps you to keep track of muscle and body fat composition. Keeping track of such factors proves to be a very important task for people concentrating on their fitness development, especially athletes. This is one of the most effective workout tech scanner that offer vital information that is needed to help you perform better, eliminate muscle imbalance and weaknesses, and reduce the risk of injury. Before the introduction of the Skulpt muscle scanner which is a handheld gadget, this type of technology used to be expensive and exclusive. Skulpt, with the assistance of an app, works to measure muscle quality and body fat percentage of 24 individual muscle groups using Composition Myography and then converts the data measured from your body to actionable fitness guidance that is tailored to fit each person’s unique physique.

    • Jabra Elite Sport wireless headphones:

      These are the best wireless headphones available in the market today. Although they look quite bulky and don’t have any wires connecting the two ear pieces, they work perfectly well and come with a built-in heart rate monitor as well. This makes it one of the most effective workout tech gadget to choose from.

    • Naboso Yoga Mat:

      This is a yoga mat with technology built into it. It is made with a special material that can help you perfect your Vinyasa technique; this special material actually deactivates and blocks the proprioceptors in the feet and hands. It works via a small nerve proprioceptive material, which stimulates the small nerves in the skin on the bottom of the feet and hands. This, in turn, helps to maintain an upright stance and activate our postural muscles. These factors contribute towards this yoga mat being one of the most effective workout tech gadget.

    • TomTom Spark 3:

      The TomTom Spark is one of the most effective workout tech gadget; this is a smartwatch that is available for any workout. With heart rate monitoring and timing tools all included in one fitness tracker, the TomTom Spark 3 has become a favourite of many people who don’t want to splurge on the more expensive smartwatches available.

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  • The Paul Newman Daytona Rolex – A slice of time making history

    Among luxury watches, Rolex is more than just another name. Rolex watches have been very proudly owned and flaunted by movie stars, sports personas, and a whole host of other celebrities for over a century. One of the most famous watches from the house of Rolex is the Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex, which was quite recently auctioned off for around $17.75 million. This is in itself a record for the most expensive watch to ever be auctioned.

    Paul Newman has often been identified as a celebrity icon who also brought to the spotlight his “Daytona” Rolex, a gift from his wife that he wore from 1972 until he passed away in 2008. An iconic watch indeed.

    Paul Newman was a legendary actor who was also regarded very highly as a fashion icon. It was soon after starring as the driver of a sports cars in the film, Winning, that Paul Newman started wearing his now famous “Daytona” Rolex. Until Paul Newman contributed to the skyrocketing popularity of the “Daytona” Rolex, it was just another luxury high-end timepiece. In many ways, it was the Paul Newman association that actually led to the Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex becoming a much sought after celebrity timepiece. The Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex is also among the most expensive timepieces of the world. Until then, there were many who believed that it wasn’t worth paying so much simply for a watch with an exotic dial.

    While Rolex has manufactured and continues to manufacture its “Daytona” model, the rarest of the Daytona watches are those that have the Paul Newman dial. There are some features that are unique to the Paul Newman dial that are not found in any other Daytona dial.

    The font used for the numerals is of an art deco style that was considered exotic as well as stylish; moreover, the small square at the end of each hash is another defining feature of the Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex.

    The stark black and white contrasting design on the dial is one of the first features that sets the Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex apart from others. The central dial is encircled with an outer track that perfectly matches the sub dial. The 60 seconds counter has gradations for every quarter. The Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex is further identified by the bright red lettering.

    The original Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex that was auctioned recently had a Ref. 6239 dial and was worn by the icon on a three-piece black fat strap in a military style.

    While the exotic dial, the Paul Newman “Daytona” Rolex was undoubtedly given its iconic classification by the legend, Paul Newman in his lifetime. This was also used by several other celebrities who further contributed to the popularity of the Daytona Rolex.

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  • The fixation on technological gadgets has increased without limits in recent years due to the need to stay connected to the world. This increasing need has led to psychological stress and individuals leading an unhealthy lifestyle where these individuals, who are hooked to the Internet or social media and other interesting platforms, tend to lose sight of their day to day and normal existence. The technological addiction through smartphones especially has reached the level where we use our phones anywhere and everywhere and ignore the world except through virtual connectivity. Here is a brief explanation on the two main reasons why you need to take a break from technology to cleanse your body and mind:

    Cut out the dissatisfaction:

    Constantly checking one’s social media pages and the remaining interesting news around the world, other than the significant ones, can cause one anxiety or bouts of depression. This results from being dissatisfied with their own lives and the sadness of not being able to live their lives like others. For e.g., a person checking their Facebook page of a friend who is travelling around the world will at times upset the reader or cause jealousy/envy in them. The fear of missing out is a newly recognized psychological stress that most people undergo as a result of being hooked to the virtual world. This can be naturally avoided and one can develop satisfaction and gratification for what they have only when they value themselves above what is posted by someone else. At the end of the day, one needs to live for themselves rather than being stressed about immaterial things. This is one of the reasons why you need to take a break from technology.

    The need for privacy:

    It is important to remember that one’s personal life should stay personal and not be flashed to the rest of the world. Psychological analysis of people who overuse social media has shown that they look for acceptance through a virtual world and when they fail to get the desired results, they tend to fall into a depression spiral. Sometimes, or rather most times, one should learn to accept themselves in the reality and try not to project themselves in a different persona. Moreover, there are also other harms such as abuse, robbery, theft, etc. that occur as a result of letting out too much of personal information on the Internet. This is another reason why one has to take a break from technology.

    The main problem that arises as a result of being over connected to technology is that the individuals tend to lose out on a social life in their real world. They ignore real face-to-face conversations, ignore their friends and family, and do everything just for showing off. In order to rid oneself of problems that can be extremely harmful in the long run, one should concentrate on the reality and consciously avoid the overuse of technology. Moreover, they should also concentrate on the reason why one has to take a break from technology.

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  • An exclusive online big budget multiplayer video game, the Destiny 2 game is a sequel to the first part, Destiny, by the makers of the popular game—Halo. It is set in an imaginary futuristic world of science fiction. When playing the new Destiny 2, gamers have to engage in role playing, and the players take on a character and responsibility as the Guardians of the Last City on Earth. In the new Destiny 2, players wield a power called Light which they use to protect the Last City from alien races, the Cabal. The Cabal is one of the destructive forces that are led by their rugged, husky Emperor Dominus Ghaul has seized all the Guardians of their Light, which is their ability to return from death, and infiltrated the Last City. The player has to go on a journey to regain their Light, find a way to defeat the villainous Ghaul and his Red Legion army, and regain possession of the Last City for the sake of protecting the human race.

    Weaving a mix of some old elements of the game and simultaneously renewing it with exciting new features, the new Destiny 2 is very much a shooter game that lets players run virtually from place to place and take down the villains in style, but in a slightly better working condition than its predecessor. Whether players will vociferously continue to play this version is yet to be seen, but certainly, the refinements that have been made are clearly visible. An enriched plot with the right mix of humor, thoughtfulness, and all the elements similar to a thrilling real time movie, straight from the Marvel series, the new Destiny 2 will no doubt bring initial success to its creators. Some details that make a difference are the decision to scrap the evildoer “Darkness” with someone more real and tangible like Ghaul and his Red Army, inclusion of spectacular and intricate details in the new design, and the seamless interface.

    An outstanding game of the year 2017, the new Destiny 2 is now popular with the masses, and this is proven by the fact that it was played by a whooping 1.2 million people at the same time! Combining a very old, straightforward formulaic story base with the addictive video gaming experience, the makers of the new Destiny 2 have indeed struck gold the second time around.

    Currently, the amusing and thoroughly entertaining Destiny 2 can be used in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a Microsoft Windows version is available too. Play the game to feel invincible, to feel in control, and to save the world. After all, don’t most virtual games make us feel like a SuperHero all the time by playing into the human psyche to feel wanted and all powerful? The new Destiny 2, a game developed by Bungie, is no different.

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  • Studies show that nearly half of the entire American population doesn’t sleep well and that significant percentage of people suffer from chronic insomnia and sleep apnea, which causes them to turn to prescription sleep-aids. The lack of sleep overnight can take a toll on your health. Sleeplessness ruins productivity and creates unwanted stress. The good news is that nowadays technology has come up with many non-drug sleep solutions to help you nod off, including smart beds, sleep-inducing scent dispensers, and smart pajamas. Let’s take a look at the top sleep tech gadgets available in the market to help you sleep better:

    Smart Pajamas:

    The inspiration behind these pajamas was none other than five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. Under Armour, the innovation company came up with the idea of smart pajamas that are made of bioceramic imprinted fabric that helps to cool off the body’s infrared heat emissions to promote longer, sounder sleep. This is one of the top sleep tech gadgets available in the market.

    Smart Breathing:

    2Breath, using a respiratory sensor on a chest strap and an app, matches your breathing with tonal music that gradually slows down, thereby bringing your breathing down as well. This is one of the top sleep tech gadgets that help guide your breathing which in turn helps in prolonging exhalation, lowering anxiety and ultimately putting you to sleep quicker. It shuts off automatically 10 minutes after your slowed breathing rate indicates that you have fallen asleep.

    Smart Aromas:

    Aromacare uses scents like lavender, sweet orange, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils to promote sleep and a sense of calm. It also serves as a fatigue fighter and can be considered as the top sleep methods.

    Smart Music:

    ReNu from NuCalm developed by neuropathic physician Dr.Blake Holloway, uses relaxing binaural beats and neuro-acoustic sounds to calm you down and put you in a brainwave state where you lose track of time. This is also one of the top sleep tech gadgets.

    Smart Pillow:

    The Advansa iX21 connected pillow is laced with sensors that record body movement, sleep patterns, and ambient noise and also offers personalized sleeping tips through a smartphone app. It also has a smart alarm function based on sleep cycles. This makes it one of the top sleep tech gadgets.

    Tiny Sleep Tracker:

    Motiv has managed to cram a fitness tracker into a waterproof titanium ring, which tracks your activity, heart rate, calories, distance, and sleep. It is synced to a smartphone app and comes with an optical heart rate sensor and a tiny, curved battery that lasts up to five days. It can then be charged on a magnetic charging dock.

    Whole Body Magnetic Resonance:

    Although activities like yoga can help you reduce stress, the ultimate stress reducer according to the makers of Magnasphere is sitting inside its giant 6-foot vertical loop and getting bombarded with a whole body magnetic resonance. This, according to them, improves your heart rate variability. However, this is one of the top sleep tech gadgets that can be heavy on your pockets.

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