• There’s just something about a classic pick up truck. As far as stature and power, the following trucks led the way as far as impressive styling, engine power, hauling and off road capabilities that, no doubt, inspired the design of many pickups on the road today.

    Here’s our list of the six most tried and true pickup trucks in history:

    1. Ford Baja Bronco

    When I was a kid, all the cool teens had a Ford Bronco, but those with a limited edition Baja Bronco were king of the road. Why? As far as off-roading capabilities, the Baja offered a powerful 302-cid V8 paired with a C4 automatic, plus drivers got a impressive boost due to the high cut rear wheel wells and flares, which left ample room for huge tires. The Baja screamed daring adventure roll cage and special enhancements made to offer heavy-duty suspension.

    2. Ford SVT Raptor

    Ford longed to take their classic F150 off-road, but it took until 2009 for them to create the Raptor, a pick up that offered smooth driving and handling and four-wheeling on even the most extreme desert terrain. Not to mention, this truck could haul an 8000-pound trailer. No problem! Offered in a SuperCrew cab and SuperCab configuration, the Raptor also featured a 4WD system based on the standard F-150, plus urethane bump stops and internal-bypass Fox Racing shocks, which allowed for smooth-riding suspension over the roughest roads and highest jumps.

    3. GMC-Chevy-Napco

    More of a conversion kit than a model truck, Napco (otherwise known as the Northwest Auto Parts Company) made up for the fact that 1950s pickups didn’t come in 4WD (opposed from Dodge). So Napco designed a 4WD offered a conversion kit that let Chevy, Fords, and GMC owners get the 4WD power they longed for. By the year 1957, pick up manufacturers finally caught on and began installing Napco Power-Pak 4WD conversions on their assembly line pick ups.

    4. Dodge Ram

    While GM and Ford enthusiasts may have issue with this truck, one can hardly match the ruggedness of the Dodge Ram of the early 90’s with it’s Cummins diesel engine. In fact, you can still witness the impact of this redesigned Ram on many GM and Ford trucks to this day, with it’s “big rig” styling.

    5. Ford F-250 “Highboy”

    Prior to the Ford F-150, the Highboy was king of the Ford pick up empire. A tough-as-nails truck renowned for it’s ultra-rugged driving capabilities on any terrain, the Highboy was named for its sky-high frame and 35-inch tall tires that was inches taller than any Jeep, Dodge, or GM on the market. After 1977, the Highboy was considered a “Lowboy” as it was constructed at least 2-inches lower, which is why the original pre-1977 model is now considered a collector’s item.

    6. Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge

    When a celebrity race car driver pairs up with an auto manufacturer, sometimes the results can be disappointing, which was sort of the case when Rod Hall collaborated with Chrysler to birth the Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge pick up truck. Only 33 of these beauties were made, and despite the Dodge Ram 150 base design, bed-mount light bar and driving lights, and slick pre-runner front and rear bumpers, for some reason Dodge plopped in a whimpy 318-cid V8 with only 170 hp. Despite the fact, this truck continues to be a collector’s item among pick up truck buffs.

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  • The pickup truck is synonymous with America. It’s tough. It works hard. And it has no problem getting dirty to get the job done. This is likely why the pickup truck continues to be among the best selling vehicle in North America. Regardless of if you’re part of team Dodge, Ford, or Chevy, you know that owning a truck offers a truly unique driving experience compared to any sedan, small compact, or even an SUV.

    Here are our top reasons to super-size your driving experience to a pickup truck:

    1. Tons of room

    If it’s room you desire, ignore any desires to buy a sleek, compact car and turn to a pickup instead. Seriously, a recent Chevy Silverado offers ample legroom and cargo space for a comfortable daily commute or road trip because who wants a leg cramp to start the work day. Passengers can literally stretch their legs out in a roomy four full pickup truck with ample room for tools and everything you need.

    2. Safest drive on the road

    Perhaps power and hauling capabilities are your biggest concern when thinking about pickup truck ownership. However, believe it or not safety is a huge benefit of pickup truck ownership. positive! Think about the safety features built in to most full-size trucks—you get a caged cab, vehicle stability, safety seatbelt systems, side impact protection, and even trailer sway control already built into your vehicle.

    3. Towing capacity

    Sure, if you own a pickup truck you kind of open yourself up to helping every single person you know move house. However, when it comes to hauling your own stuff, you can’t go wrong with a pickup truck. Take a truck like the Chevy Silverado for example, you can suddenly haul up to 12,000 pounds no problem thanks to the impressive torque and horsepower. Suddenly your vehicle can easily transition from work truck to off road camping vehicle of your dreams.

    4. Look at that view

    If it’s a boost you want, a pickup is your best bet when it comes to the best visibility on the road. The height of a standard pickup truck cabin permits a view over most other vehicles on the highway. Is that a traffic jam 6 blocks ahead? Luckily, you’ll be able to see it and take a quick detour if you drive a pickup. Not to mention, the cab of a pick up offers the driver and all passengers all-round visibility, front, back and side thanks to huge rear and side-view mirrors.
    Leading us into the next reason why trucks are such great vehicles.

    5. Feel the power

    Putting aside all jokes about overcompensating, there is little doubt that many individuals choose to drive a pickup for the sheer power it offers. While Ford, Chevy, and GM differ as far as horses under the hood, most current trucks offer between 350- to 440-horsepower (hp) if you consider a Ford F-250 or a Dodge Ram.

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  • Pickup trucks represent the American dream. And while car buyers have vered from SUV to sports coupe over the past few years, pickup truck buffs tend to harken to the past when it comes to sticking with their love of the classic pickup truck. Many of the following classic trucks in good condition sell for a pretty steep price among collectors.

    Here are four of the most coveted collectible pickup trucks:

    1. 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

    Considered neither a car nor a truck, the Bronco was unique as far a broaching the needs of both a car and a truck driver, which explains it’s motto “the best of both worlds”. This cube shaped truck debuted for 1966 in rudimentary form for a mere $2400 (base model). However, it was the impressively wide (at 92-inches) wheelbase that offered serious off roading, smooth highway driving, and extreme towing capabilities in a single vehicle. Touted literally as a sports car with 4-wheel drive, the Bronco was mounted on coil springs and outfitted with a V8 engine that could literally take drivers from camping to off roading while offering the style and comfort of a family wagon. Today, this year range of Ford Bronco retails for $25k plus.

    2. 1948 Ford F-1

    Behold the inaugural Ford F-series pickup. Think of it as the crown of America’s trucking obsession. Considering this Ford series has ranked in the best-selling for decades, many pickup truck owners are still firmly planted in the Ford camp thanks to this very vehicle. If you’re lucky enough to find a 1948 Ford F1 for sale, you can expect to pay upwards of $30K depending on condition and customizations.

    3. 1946-1968 Dodge Power Wagon

    Looking at this truck, there’s little wonder that it was originally designed in the early 1940’s for military purposes. However, the Dodge Power Wagon caught on in the mainstream market due to its ability to travel virtually anywhere. The impressive 4×4 capabilities of this truck was so good that it there were no revisions until it was discontinued in 1968. If you spot one, expect to pay $45k or more!

    4. 1971-1972 Chevrolet C10/C20 Cheyenne Super

    It was called the “Super” for good reason. This high-option, everyday use pickup truck boosted unique interior design with a/c, tach dash, power brakes and steering, headliners, and tilt columns. Plus, the exterior could be costoumize with special paint and trim. Find one and expect to pay up to $30k for a model in good condition with lots of options.

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  • If you work or workout outdoors during all seasons, you’re already a likely owner of several pieces of thermal clothing. However, if the new year inspired an urge to run or ski or work or walk or do any type of physical activity in the great outdoors, you know how uncomfortable it is when you’re layered up for the cold, but start sweating. If you aren’t familiar with the feeling of clothes sticking to your body as you start to perspire in the cold, let me fill you in. As your body temperature rises (above 36 to 37°C), yes, even in the cold, the body will begin to sweat to cool itself down. When this occurs, you’re suddenly skiing or working in the snow in disgusting, sweaty, sticking-to-the-body clothes. On top of that, it’s bloody cold out so your clothes won’t dry, they’ll freeze and risk your health.
    Here are five convincing reasons to invest in some quality thermal clothes and warm winter gloves now…

    1. Lightweight functionality

    There are a few key features that put thermal winter wear above other types of active clothing. The first is that it’s lightweight and breathable. This ensures that when you sweat, the clothing will dry quickly by allowing air flow and wicking material away from the skin. Secondly, because it’s lightweight, thermal wear remains functional by not sticking to skin or bunching up and causing added weight or chaffing.

    2. Versatile for any season

    No, you don’t need to choose thermal wear depending on season. For instance, thermal underwear and winter gloves provide obvious benefits when it’s -25C outside. However, the benefits don’t cease to exist during the summer months. A quality pair of wicking underwear can efficiently remove sweat and cool off the body in the heat, while absorbing sweat so you don’t freeze and catch cold during winter.

    3. Freedom to move

    Thermal wear is designed to allow the user freedom of physical activity to work or workout like a second skin, without sticking to the skin. This means, movement remains completely free and natural while maintaining thermoregulatory capability.

    4. Fast drying practicality

    Thermal clothing is fast-drying, which makes it very practical for working in extreme weather. For instance, compared to cotton, which takes forever to dry after a heavy workout, thermal underwear doesn’t get wet (using excess energy, or thermogenesis to re-regulate body temperature) in the first place so it drys and keeps you cool much better.

    5. Regulates body temperature

    Thermal clothing is engineered to be unabsorbable. Thermal shirts, underwear, long johns, gloves, and shorts are constructed from anti-absorbent microfiber material so even when you sweat, direct contact with the skin, won’t collect moisture. Instead, it allows for air flow in layers and aims to stabilize body temperature to regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable and dry.

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  • SSedans are often known for their luxury and high cost. However, 2071-2018 offers an impressive line up of luxury SUVs at competitive prices. By nature, a sedan is a passenger car engineered in a three-box configuration with two rows of seating, and adequate passenger space in the rear compartment for passengers and storage. The rear cargo compartment of most sedans offers additional storage.

    Based on reports from  new- and used-vehicle owners in 2017, these sedans offer the best in luxury at affordable prices:

    1.  Lincoln Continental

    No, Matthew Mcconaughey doesn’t’ get all the credit for boosting this midsize luxury sedan among the younger, professional generations. The newer features are really cool, including hidden door handles, sleek styling and the choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and standard V-6 engine or two, twin-turbocharged V6 engines. Plus, the reliability depended upon by generations of Lincoln owners.

    2. Buick Verano
    While Buick isn’t typically cast in the “luxury” line up. This sedan has scraped the once compact Verano of years past for a sedan with sleek sporty leather trim (in choice of color), the option for a turbocharged engine, and an impressive 180-horsepower 4-cylinder engine.

    3. BMW 3 Series

    When it comes to popularity and affordability, the BMW 3 Series may offer the most versatility. This sedan can also be marketed by car sellers as a hatchback and station wagon. The BMW 3 series gets extra points for a nifty, new turbocharged 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engine, impeccable styling, and the iDrive infotainment system is installed and standard adaptive damping suspension.

    4. Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
    2017 brought fresh styling, new technologies, and a lower price tag to this most economically priced Mercedes-Benz model. The CLA-Class sedan could be called a coupe because of its sleek, sweeping roofline, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, classic AMG-tuning, with the buyer’s option of front-wheel or all-wheel drivability.

    5. Toyota Lexus ES
    As far as cost-effective luxury vehicles go, the Toyota Lexus ES offers a fair share of plush interior perks with all the techy bells and whistles (i.e., connected navigation app, driver-assistance and collision-avoidance system). In addition, the impressive V-6 engine with gas-electric drivetrain makes this sleek vehicle a decent beginner-level luxury sedan.

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  • SUVs (sport utility vehicles) offer the best of both worlds when it come to humdrum commuting to off-road adventure. However, looking for a new SUV can be completely overwhelming since they all offer different features, comfort, drivability, and pricing. While most folks seek out an SUV that’s sturdy enough to weather numerous different weather conditions and terrains; they also want a practical vehicle that’s stylish and comfortable for daily driving needs. when appearances matter.

    These top SUVs satisfy the daily grind to and from the office, while remaining at the ready for a weekend off road adventure:

    1. Honda CR-V

    When it comes to overall practicality, riding comfort, and competitive pricing, the Honda CR-V ranks number one among SUVs. Firstly, the CR-V offers a spacious interior including ample legroom and cargo space desired in an SUV model. Available in both front and all wheel drive rides, for its size, the CR-V offers excellent handling, decent gas mileage, and smooth drivability.

    2. Kia Sorento

    You get a lot for your money with this crossover SUV. Firstly, the price offers excellent value  with a pretty impressive list of SUV features. Available in a 2 or 3 row SUV, the Sorento can pack a full family (plus pet) or turn into a good hauler for cargo and shopping. The Sorento interior is quite stylish and comfortable for it’s low cost, which is less compared to the comparable Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and Ford Edge model SUVs.

    3. Chevrolet Equinox

    Still a top choice among new SUV buyers, the Chevy Equinox is back with some impressive, new features. While the tried and true features, like ample interior and legroom allow for plenty of stow and go capabilities. Even though reports say this years’ Chevrolet Equinox don’t offer the same high-tech features as competitor models, the 2017 model boasts rearview camera, touch screen interface, and Bluetooth phone connectivity.

    4. Ford Explorer

    There’s something said about being the first mainstream SUV on the market. The Ford Explorer puts it’s many years of experience to good use when it comes to delivering an SUV that’s got cost, comfort, and style on it’s side. The Explorer offers smooth handling, ample legroom, and plenty of cargo space in it’s quiet, comfortable interior that seats up to 7 passengers.

    5. Jeep Cherokee

    If you’re after a sizable vehicle with smooth, quiet drive, the Jeep Cherokee delivers both. Regardless of it you’re just driving around town doing errands or on an off-roading adventure, this vehicle packs an impressive 184-horsepower, four-cylinder standard engine with the option to upgrade to something more robust. Plus, you can stay comfortable while trail blazing, thanks to the luxurious leather upholstered interior with dual-zone climate control.

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  • Coupes are one of the most popular styles of automobiles among North American drivers. The coupe takes its name from the French “coupé”, which means “to cut”, and refers to the fixed-roof model with a shorter body, compared to a sedan. A classic coupe vehicle seats 2 to 4 people (driver and passenger with rear seating) with two doors.

    Introducing the most popular coupes in 2018 (ranked in no particular order)…

    1. Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord boasted over 201,300 in car sales for the year 2017. This reliable midsize coupe continues to be a favorite. Although it may be placed firmly in the non-luxury category, the 2018 Honda Accord offers an improved interior for passengers and cargo with 2 inches of rear legroom, and a spacious trunk at 16.7 cubic feet. While the former V-6 engine option is no longer, this coupe now offers a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 250 horsepower and 10-speed automatic transmission. For those who prefer to shift gears, the six-speed manual on Sport trim models allows manual gear shifting.

    2. BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
    The BMW Gran Coupe boasts a sporty automobile wrapped in an elegant four-door model that offers space with style. Taking the driver’s seat is a exercise in sporty elegance and driving performance. The interior offers comfort and technological convenience, with soothing ambient lighting. This model is extremely athletic with it’s lightweight agility, which offers ultra precise handling and cornering.

    3. Infiniti Q60

    Redesigned for 2017, the Infiniti Q60 is offered for sale only as a coupe. In 2018, further updates offer 20-inch wheels (for the Red Sport 400 model), 19-inch wheels (for the 3.0t Sport model), stylish trim design options, and the new Solar Mica, exterior hue. The Red Sport 400 model offers a smooth ride with excellent handling, plus powerful acceleration with minimal lag, and quick downshift transmission. The only criticism reported by drivers is the steering, which gains artificial heaviness when turning and slow cornering.

    4. Audi 5S Coupe
    The 2018 model offers enhanced interior and exterior styling, including unique engine and transmission options for drivers. Interior offers leather and heated seating in all standard coupes, with options for upgrades. You’ll find luxury and science at it’s best thanks to Progressiv, Audi’s music interface and Audi navigation, offers elevated Audi features with superior technology.

    5. Honda Civic Si Coupe

    According to drivers of the 2018 Si model, this car doesn’t drive, it prowls. It offers aggressive styling for a coupe, with sporty, sleek lines. The new, improved model is low-slung on 16-inch or 17-inch wheels with moonroof, front and rear grill and rear statement spoiler. Plus, the roar of the engine is exaggerated thanks to a center exhaust finisher, tucked under the rear bumper.

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  • Pickup truck ownership is no longer relegated to farmers and landscapers. Today, men and women alike are taking advantage of a vehicle that offers rugged power and outdoor utility in a sizable vehicle. Of course, pickup truck ownership is not ideal for every lifestyle and use.

    Here are the pros and cons of owning a pickup truck:

    1. Safety

    Pro: Pickup trucks are often synonymous with safety if you stow and transport industrial cargo. For instance, the open rear bed with close cab option separates driver from cargo, and keeps that cargo secure. Additionally, pickup trucks are tall in size, offering better visibility over other vehicles on the road. harder to maneuver on the road due to their size.

    Con: Safety in a pickup truck can be an issue if the vehicle is involved in an accident. For instance, the tall stature of the vehicle can make it hard to handle in treacherous weather, and also prone to rolling or spinning out (fishtailing) if the rear bed isn’t weighed down. The lack of back seating can also make it uncomfortable and dangerous for passengers.

    2. Exterior vs. Interior space

    Pro: The spacious bed of a pickup truck makes it superior to most other vehicles (i.e., van, SUV, and hatchback) because the availability for storage is the entire back half of the vehicle. The open bed is easily accessible for the transportation of heavy, large, or dirty materials that wouldn’t fit in other vehicles.

    Con: Even though the open truck bed is advantageous for moving, this means the interior cab of the vehicle is cramped as far as passenger seat space. Most trucks do offer small back seats, but most won’t adequately fit a large person or car seat for a child.

    3. Practicality vs. gas milage

    Pro: PIckup trucks are ideal for work and leisure activities that demand durability. Because the
    rear bed is separate from the cab, the chassis can withstand heavier loads than other vehicles over much more hazardous terrain.

    Con: While a pickup truck can pull heavier loads, gas mileage is expensive for this luxury (at an average of 23 miles per gallon vs. 50 miles per gallon on sedans and coupes). This means traveling long distances can be very expensive.

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  • Is part of your New Year’s Resolution focused on greener living? You may be in the market for hybrid or an electric vehicle to help save gasoline while doing your part for the planet, too. While electric cars hold a small share in the auto market, more and more folks are urging the auto industry to develop cheaper hybrid vehicles to rival the pricing of conventional cars.

    As of December 2017, these were the top-choices in hybrid electric cars, for North Americans…

    1. Volkswagen Golf GTE

    Similarly named to the diesel-powered Volkswagen Golf GTI, the hybrid GTE is just as fast yet it’ll save you significantly on emissions to the tune of 39g/km CO2 emissions when driving up to 31 miles without the help of the diesel engine. This roomy hatchback handles with confidence. This e-Golf plug-in hybrid offers the best of driving and green living.

    2. BMW i8

    Who says hybrids can’t be good for the environment yet really, really fun to drive? You get both green-driving and super fun driving in the BMW i8. It’s a high-performance sports car that happens to be hybrid so you know it offers all the leading-edge technologies BMW drivers are used to, plus the added benefit of low emissions. In addition, it’s cheaper to the comparable Audi R8 hybrid model.

    3. Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV

    This plug-in SUV boasts increased 2017 car sales throughout North American, the UK, and in its home turf, Japan. It’s popularity is largely based on the fact that it’s an electric-powered SUV that’s reliable for driving and extending gas mileage much further. Plus, this hybrid drives smooth thanks to a pair of electric motors and a highly efficient gasoline engine optimize performance to suit your drive preferences, on or off road. High efficiency in a quiet, cocooning ride that’s really no more expensive than comparable diesel alternatives.

    4. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

    While you might have expected the Toyota Prius to get top mention on this electric car list, it’s the cheaper option, the Yaris Hybrid, that electric drivers are choosing for it’s small stature and nimble hybrid efficiency. Believe it or not, this vehicle offers a spacious and practical interior with plenty of leg and trunk space. However, reports of a clunky, shaky plasticky dashboard and body put this ride in the negative hybrid category for highway driving.

    5. Volvo XC90 T8

    Props to Volvo for engineering this impressively powerful, plug-in hybrid. The XC90 T8 is outfitted with a super turbocharged 2.0-litre engine with the option for electric drive and plug-in, bosting CO2 emissions at a mere 49g/km and a range of up to 27 miles when driving on hybrid power. Plus, you’ll get the familiar, roomy, safe luxury of a Volvo SUV, including seating for up to seven!

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