• Fashion is such an individualized thing. Everyone is different and therefore everyone has personal preferences when it comes to different types of dresses. One thing is true though; it’s important to have at least one versatile and flattering dress in your wardrobe. When determining what type to choose, there are several styles to consider that can be appropriate for different types of events and different figures.

    Women today attend many events that require dressing up for the occasion. These may include weddings, dates, parties, work events, and brunch. When looking to buy a dress to suit a wide range of occasions, here are some flattering options for all ages and body types:

    1. Wrap dresses

    Wrap dresses are exactly what they sound like. These dresses are pulled together with a front closure. One side of the dress is wrapped across the front and then either goes behind the back part of the waist to either be attached by buttons or tied. The construction of this dress creates a v-neck front. It also accentuates the curves of the wearer in the chest area.

    2. Maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses are a great option for many occasions. They are long and go to the floor. Generally, they are designed to fit the body on the top, and then be flowy and long on the bottom. The fun thing about them is they can feature many different necklines and come in various patterns and colors. This makes them very individualized to the person.

    3. A-Line dresses 

    A-line dresses are named after the shape they take on the body, which is an “A”. They fit to the top part of the body and begin to flare gradually out at the waist and hips, becoming wider as the hem progresses. A-line clothing can be found not just in dresses, but also in coats and skirts.

    4. Little black dresses

    Everyone has heard of the little black dress. This is such a versatile option that can be found in your closet. It can be dressed up or down for numerous types of events. As a general design, it is usually a simple dress that tends to be quite short. The elegance and simplicity create a fairly blank canvas that allows you to create the exact type of look that you want. Many designers provide limitless options for this much-needed wardrobe essential. Victoria Beckham cocktail dresses are one good brand to consider.

    5. Mini dresses

    A mini, or short dress that hangs just above the knees is a common style. This design became popular in the 1920’s. It was later revitalized in the 1960s, and has remained an integral part of many wardrobes ever since. A mini shift style dress is a loose-fitting dress that is very comfortable and does not fit tightly around the waist or any part of the body. It is loose at both the hips and the waist so the dress falls loosely down from the shoulders all the way down to the bottom of the dress. Darts are generally located in the bust area. It is a straight silhouette that can be flattering for those that have bodies that are shaped more like a column and it also elongates petite figures as it shows off the legs. 

    When shopping for dresses, every designer has his or her own individual interpretation. It is fun, and a great idea to look at the individual designers and fashion forward celebrities to find the one that fits your aesthetic most closely. Also, remember that designers also have many other clothing options. As an example, when looking at what stars wear, like Kourtney Kardashian or Victoria Beckham (blouses, skirts, dresses and pants), you might find a designer that the star tends to wear a lot that you can draw inspiration from.

  • The right handbag can really accentuate your outfit of the day. There are also many styles and functions for different handbags. You could have a handback that works as a daily driver – a bag that you take to run errands or to the store. You could also have a bag that’s perfect for traveling or for a night out. Whatever the case may be, these are five handbags that are sure to be everywhere this season:

    1. Versace Chunky Chain Bag

    This Versace bag features a chunky chain which really is the stand out feature on this bag. The chain provides a cool effect when you wear it, that really draws your eyes to it. In typical Versace fashion, the chunky chain bag is made of high quality materials and is a great value for the price.

    2. Lanvin Puffy Cloud Bag

    The Lanvin Puffy Cloud Bag is another bag you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2021. This bag is one of the top trends in handbags right now, and for good reason. The Lanvin quality is apparent and you can really wear this on any occasion, formal or casual.

    3. Stella McCartney Hobo Bag

    The Stella McCartney Hobo bag has a relaxed look about it. It appears slightly slouched in nature, which provides a really cool effect. This bag can be dressed up for a nice, formal event or dressed down for a nice casual day. This bag is incredibly versatile and provides enough room for all of your belongings. It has two slip pockets and an interior compartment for maximum storage. This is one bag that can really do it all.

    4. Bottega Veneta Fisherman Shoulder Bag

    The Bottega Veneta Fisherman Shoulder Bag is extremely trendy right now, and for good reason. The bag features a scale like pattern which is the standout feature. It also features a shoulder strap for great versatility and a super comfortable wear. The bag features high quality materials and enough room to keep all your belongings stored nicely. This bag leans a bit casual but is a great bag if you’re looking to make a statement throughout the day.

    5. Fendi Fluffy Feathers Bag

    The Fendi fluffy feathers bag is a bag that’s sure to make a statement. This bag is made of high quality materials, in typical Fendi fashion. The fluffy feathers bag is covered in ostrich feathers. This bag is incredibly unique and will turn all the heads. It’s also very versatile in that all of the straps are detachable so you could wear this as a shoulder bag or as a little handheld purse. When you pair this with a stunning dress, you will be sure to turn heads at any formal event or night out on the town.

    These bags can be found at many of your favorite retailers and department stores. Make sure to shop Saks Fifth Avenue bags for the latest in deals and trends for the 2021 year.

  • Jewelry is the one of the best accent pieces for any outfit you choose to wear. The right necklace, or the right bracelet, can really put the finishing touch on an amazing outfit. You may opt to wear a necklace on a night out, or a set of bangles to run some errands. Either way there are a few styling hacks to help maximize your jewelry. Here are six jewelry styling hacks to follow:

    1. Use earrings for a pop of color
    It can be a great idea to match a few pieces of jewelry, however, when they’re all very similar in style and color, they can really blend together. To solve this issue, try using earrings to create that pop of color. Earrings can really balance out an outfit

    2. Know when it’s too much
    Jewelry can provide a great accent to your favorite outfit but you need to be careful you don’t overdo it. By having too much, you’re really taking away from the effect your jewelry adds to your outfit

    3. Personalize with statement jewelry
    Something like customized wrist bracelets can be super personal. This can be a piece that no one has that truly stands out on its own. These are often hard to duplicate because they’re one of a kind and customized. Check Kay Jewelers clearance sale and see if there’s anything that you could customize and make truly unique

    4. Minimal jewelry with patterned clothing
    When your outfit is full of patterns, it’s already incredibly loud. Something like stripes or plaid can be a super powerful statement in itself so when picking out jewelry, make sure to keep it minimal. When it’s overdone it can have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. One simple necklace or bracelet can be a nice, quick addition to a loud outfit with many patterns

    5. Create layers with necklaces and bangles
    Sometimes when we wear jewelry it can be hard to get the most out of it. Sometimes our jewelry is too thin and won’t really pop with our outfits. That’s where layering comes into play. By layering bangles you can create a super nice, textured set of bracelets that will surely stand out. With necklaces, you want to look at the style and length. By mixing and layering different necklace lengths, you can create the illusion of a much bigger piece and have them all flow together seamlessly. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with layering

    6. Mix metals in jewelry
    Most jewelry is made of various metals like gold, silver, and platinum. By combining different metals, you can really make them pop. When mixing and matching gold and silver you really create a palate with different colors and materials. It helps them stand out. When you wear all your jewellery in one material or one color, the pieces tend to blend in with each other. Mixing metals will help your pieces to really make a statement

    When choosing jewelry, make sure to follow these 6 hacks for best results!

  • Every year the celebrities and fashion influencers help to dictate what’s popular for the upcoming season. We look to them to see what they’re wearing and what they’re buying. These fashion influencers set the trends for the year in terms of all things fashion, including clothing, sunglasses, purses, and even footwear. 
    This year, celebs are putting their best foot forward and once again setting the tone for shoes for Spring 2021. In order to keep your closet up to date, check out these five hot shoe trends in 2021 for women

    1. Shearling slides
    Shearling lined slides are a dream if you’re looking for comfort. They’re super easy to wear and come with a padded band to keep your feet cool and comfortable. If you’re looking for something to wear while making dinner, or out to the pool, these slides are a top option in 2021

    2. Riding boots
    Riding boots are definitely a top trend for 2021. Brands like Clarks and Sam Edelman make great boots and can be found at many major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s. These shoes are a great option for shoes in your wardrobe in 2021

    3. Leather loafers
    When looking for a good all-around option, look no further than the leather loafer. Available in a variety of styles and colors, you’ll find one that’s sure to work for you and your wardrobe. This style of loafer can be dressed up and worn to your important business meetings. They’re professional enough to meet clients and work in, when styled the right way. However, the best thing about these loafers in that they can be dressed down as well. Maybe you’re going out for a quick lunch or to a movie, these loafers work great in both situations. The leather will last for a long time making this shoe trend one to keep in the closet for years to come. Most of the hottest brands from Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors offer a loafer in this style so you’ll have many options to pick from

    4. Retro sneakers
    Trends are cyclical and always seem to come back in style at some point. This is the case for retro sneakers in 2021. From the Chuck Taylor to the bulky 90s running shoes, these styles are back in a big way. Nike’s famous Air Force One was a staple in the early 2000s but fell out of fashion with the futuristic trend in shoes the past few years. Luckily, retro shoes like the Air Force one and a lot of the 90s runners are back and in style. Check brands like Adidas for their retro styles like the Superstars. Also, don’t forget to check online for an Adidas online promo code or an Adidas Originals promo code to get the best deal and price

    5. Knee-high boots
    These boots aren’t built for comfort like a pair of loafers or sneakers, but these boots scream sophistication. These boots will help make a statement when going on a date or to an important formal event. When you need a showstopper these suede boots will surely do the trick. Wear them with almost any dress, skirt, or favorite pair of skinny jeans.

    Any one of these footwear options will make a great addition to your 2021 wardrobe. Check online retailers and major department stores for the best deals and prices.

  • What do you buy the man in your life that has everything? To make gift giving even easier on you, look into subscription boxes! Subscription boxes are essentially recurring deliveries/packages of selected interest based products. They are typically used by e-commerce businesses as part of a marketing strategy or method of distribution. Currently, it is estimated that there are around 400 to 600 of these subscription boxes around the US.

    Clothing subscription boxes are a good way to keep things simple yet creative. Here are six of the best rated clothing subscription boxes for men:

    1. Frank and Oak Style Plan for Men

    Frank and Oak Style Plan for Men is a great option. Every month, stylists and website algorithms choose a style for you. After that, you preview and customize your order. Then, take 30 days to decide what you want and send the rest back for free. Simple! The plus about this option is that there is no monthly fee and affordable.

    2. Menlo Club

    Here is another option for subscription boxes for men that provides clothing, shoes and accessories for men. It is only $60 a month and you can receive 2 or 3 things based on your preference.

    3. Stitch Fix Men

    Stitch Fix allows you to take a style quiz to see what clothing fits you best. You pay a $20 fee which goes towards your items. You try on what you want and send the rest free of charge. Another feature of this subscription box is that it requires no subscription.

    4. Bespoke Post

    Like many other sites, this company follows a similar model: take a style quiz, pay a small fee (in which case it’s $45), try the things you like and send it back for free). The website is easily navigable and allows you to get a solid feel on what they have to offer (what to expect).

    5. Gentleman’s Box

    The Gentleman’s Box is a more popular brand that some are familiar with. Not only do they help with your style, they assist with your LIFEstyle. They promote health, community and fashion. With two options, you can choose between a premier or classic subscription. The options this site offers are pretty wide ranged and quality. They even offer luxury goods! With that being said, it is a fair deal being only $29 a month for 4-6 fashion and lifestyle accessories.

    6. SprezzaBox

    Last on the list is Sprezzabox! With over 300,000 members and only $29 a month you can receive curated classy goods. Although boxes are customized, this particular brand is geared toward a more suit and tie aesthetic. There isn’t much casual wear on the site, but that could be a plus depending on the style of your choice.

    Regardless of the subscription box you choose, it is a good gift to consider for men. Even if not for a gift, this is a great way to save money while curating your style!

  • Like a good watch or a pair of dark-washed jeans, the right pair of sunglasses can complement any look. Immediately practical and indulgent, a new pair of shades is just the right purchase to prepare you for warmer weather and longer days. If you want your sunglasses to last, skip the drug-store glasses and Ray-Ban Facebook knockoffs and invest in real quality. 

    This season’s trends have brought a re-emergence of classic styles along with some bold departures for the more daring gentlemen. Below are five of our favorites:

    1. AO Eyewear Original Pilots
    A favorite of US Air Force pilots, these classic glasses are fit just about any face shape. Engineered to military specifications, they’re durable enough to stand up to a good bit of abuse. The American Optical website offers customization options for the pair you choose, including size, frame finish and lens color. Any brand used by the military is a safe bet in terms of quality and durability; these glasses have the additional benefit of looking great.

    2. Persol PO3019S
    These classic shades are timeless and versatile enough to be worn in any season. Known for their high quality and perfect fit, Persol’s glasses are made with crystal-tempered lenses that create no vision distortion. Persol manages to be classy with being pretentious, a hard middle ground to maintain.

    3. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic
    Ray-Bans became a bit of a trend in the earlier 2000’s, but they’ve always been an American classic. The Clubmaster design is a great option for men as its boxy design adds great structure and angularity to the face. The Clubmaster is at once youthful, fun and intellectual. Ray-Ban is the classic American symbol of the refined bad boy; these shades are a great way to celebrate summer in a refined way.

    4. Randolph Engineering Concordes
    One of the pricier options on the list, the Concordes are a great option to splurge on. These shades are named after the famous Concorde airliner, the jet that could fly between London and New York in record time. Designed with an air of international flavor and class, these glasses are built to military spec in a classic Aviator style. Including 23 karat gold options as well as a lifetime warranty, these glasses can last for a lifetime if cared for properly. If you’ve always liked the class and style of private pilots, these glasses are a great fit for you.

    5. Oakley Holbrook
    Oakleys have a reputation among snowboarder bros and Monster Energy-drinkers, but they live beyond the stereotype. The Holbrook is a great, conservative design with a boxy frame that makes most guy’s faces look great. As Oakley is a brand known for its technology, these glasses include the signature Oakley HDO optics which promise to give distortion-free vision.

  • Here’s how to get Ryan Reynolds’ style

    Are you a big fan of Ryan Reynolds? Well, if you are repeatedly bowled over by his dress sense at the awards ceremonies, here is your guide to getting his formidable style. Right from the suits to shoes, Ryan Reynolds style is what every guy wants to copy and look dashing.

    Here’s how you should change your wardrobe to get Ryan Reynolds’ style.

    Choice of suit

    A suit is a must-have in your wardrobe. Of course, suits come in variations from the single-breasted ones to the tuxedos. If it is the Ryan Reynolds style you want to imbibe, your choice ought to be the navy suit. The one with the waistcoat. Of late, you would have seen many giving the waistcoat a miss while donning a suit.

    Well, Ryan Reynolds’ style is to don the suit with the waistcoat on. A slim fit suit makes you look a lot leaner and less boxy, despite being a gym enthusiast.

    Denim jacket

    If you want to go by the looks of Ryan Reynolds, you have to be a huge fan of blue. Add a denim blue jacket to your collection. A denim jacket on a V-neck tee is what is needed to complete your casual look.

    Bomber jacket

    You got to see a lot of actors sporting bomber jackets during the golden age of American cinema. Ryan Reynolds’ style is deeply impacted by this age, and he loves to wear bomber jackets from the likes of Levis and Gucci. So, if you’re to follow the same style, pick up a statement bomber jacket. Pair it up with simple chinos. The bomber jacket will reflect your fashion quotient to onlookers.


    Simple bottoms in denim, wool, and corduroy, in neutral colors, is the trademark of Ryan Reynolds’ style. If you’re the one to imitate his style to the hilt, highlight your top wear, while keeping the bottom clothing mellowed.


    Oxfords, trainers, sneakers, loafers, and boots the choice is vast when it comes to footwear. If you choose your attire to be in sync with Ryan Reynolds’ style, your choice of footwear too has to conform to his style. Boat shoes and chukka boots are what you must add to your shoe collection. And also the ever popular trainers for the cool, casual look, when you want to be in the chill-out zone.


    When you have revamped your entire wardrobe, your hairstyle needs to be altered as well. To complete Ryan Reynolds’ look, keep your hairstyle it neat with a soft side parting.

    To sum up, if you want to ace Ryan Reynolds’ style:

    • Your outerwear must be your statement piece. Keep your trousers simple and subdued
    • A navy blue suit is a must have
    • A bomber jacket is a must have
    • Casual footwear includes chukka boots and boat shoes
    • Last, but not the least, neatly parted hair or a buzz-cut
  • Fashion need not always be a lot of work. Effortless fashion for men is now becoming a style of its own. More and more people are now adopting this very fashionable yet casual and simply effortless way of dressing up. It saves a lot of time, and you get to look casual and elegant too. Following are some tips for men’s effortless fashion so that they can save time and dress up well for whichever occasion they need to go for.

    Shiny isn’t always better

    It may sound contradictory, but you don’t always need to add shine and gloss to your attire. A casual and clean look is always best to pull off an impressive appearance. This would help in aiding to get that men’s effortless fashion look and increasing your style quotient.

    Never ignore your shoes

    Shoes are very important when it comes to overall look. Invest in a pair of good and well-fitting shoes. You can choose neutral colors that go with most clothes—brown and black are the best options to be on the safe side. A good pair of shoes go a long way in pumping up your style quotient with absolutely no extra effort.

    The impact of sunglasses

    Wear sunglasses whenever you leave your house. This is one of the reasons why celebrities look so put up all the time. Take the time to pick the right sunglasses that would suit your face shape, and you are sorted. Even the most simple clothes become stylish when you add a pair of cool sunglasses.

    Layer them up

    One of the easiest ways to convert your normal attire into a fashionable one is by putting on a jacket. This is one of the most effective men’s effortless fashion tips. Make sure it is well fitted and contemporary (preferably). You simply don’t need to make any extra efforts beyond this to look super cool. Denim jackets are a great choice that compliment almost any attire and immediately turn up your style game.

    Fit is most important

    If you are ever confused between a well-fitting garment and a better quality or well-known brand, it is then highly recommended that you go for the one with fitting. It doesn’t matter much how big the brand is, if the garment isn’t fitting nicely, then it is no good for you.

    Follow the basics

    You don’t need to be a fashionista to know the basic rules of dressing up. Follow these rules and keep a track of trends, and you don’t really need to put in any extra efforts. The appropriate length of each clothing, the right fit, and what goes with what—these are the ground rules that you can make do with any day. Understanding and applying these rules will help you look presentable at all times.

    So, those were the basics of looking fashionable with minimal effort. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time and energy on your fashion quotient, you can then stick to casual and minimalistic looks—these are less complicated and easier to pull off. By choosing to follow men’s effortless fashion tips, you would be able to pull off style that would be comfortable to wear and stylish to look at.

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  • It isn’t a far-fetched claim that men often put as much thought into their undergarments as they do in a coat or a suit. And, why shouldn’t they? Undergarments are the basis of a comfortable and confident look. You can put together the best look from your wardrobe, but if you’re not going to be comfortable in your undergarments, you won’t look your best.

    Now that you know that a comfortable men’s underwear is important, how will you purchase the right kind of undergarment for yourself? Here is a short guide to finding a suitable men’s underwear.

    Finding the right fit

    When it comes to underwear, size is as important as anything else. If you find your waistband too tight, or your thighs too loose, then you know that the sizing is off. Sizing for men’s underwear is often a difficult task, but you almost always have a sizing chart to fall back on.

    Besides that, you must also consider what your day to day looks are. If you find yourself wearing tight-fitting bottoms, such as skinny jeans or tight shorts, then you should opt for trunks. If you’re more into loose-fitting pants or joggers, then boxers are better and more comfortable fit.

    Fabrics used in a men’s underwear

    You probably haven’t given much thought to the fabric of the underwear you’ll be putting on, but this is an important consideration. Cotton is almost always the best option. It is not only durable but also breathable and keeps any irritation at bay.

    Cotton is also the cheapest option. If you wish to splurge, then opt for premium fabrics. If you want to be more mindful of your spending on undergarments, then opt to buy them in packs of 5 or 8.


    If you find yourself asking why you might ever need an undershirt, then that’s a good sign you should get up and get one right now. Undershirts are a wardrobe basic and every guy should have a few for when he wishes to look more put together.

    Not only do they help extend the life of your clothes, but they’re also easy to wash and care for. They come in vest and tank top styles, so you have no reason to be wearing your shirts without a crisp cotton undershirt.

    Replacing old underwears

    Undergarments serve both hygiene and practical functions. It is important to change and replace tattered undergarments often, especially if the undergarments’ material wears off. You should also get rid of all undergarments that are stained or don’t fit properly.

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