• Communication is increasingly becoming more and more critical in today’s society. Technology, in particular, has brought a whole new meaning to how we can communicate effectively with our loved ones and work from anywhere in the world. New powerful smartphone technology has allowed us to do more than ever before. The focus will shift more towards the ability to multitask and use the phone to its full potential rather than being limited by a small screen. Here are some new smartphones you should tune into if you are looking for one of the best new phones in 2023:

    1. iPhone 14

    Apple will never cease to amaze and impress us with the quality of its products. The new iPhone will be released early in 2023 and is said to be the most advanced phone developed by Apple. This phone will also come with a battery lasting approximately 22 hours. Compared to other smartphones, this is an incredible feat. The processor on this new phone is also high-speed and powerful, allowing you to quickly complete tasks without waiting for the device to load. The average price is about $700 USD.

    2. Samsung Galaxy A74 5G

    This new phone will be able to connect to a 5G network using a built-in adapter that will let any smartphone user get hours of uninterrupted video and video calling. Paired with ample internal storage and an enormous battery, this phone is perfect for keeping track of your business and personal life. This phone will come with four cameras that allow you to take incredible photos and videos using the newest technology and some of the best software. The average price is about $400 USD.

    3. Sony Xperia 5 IV

    This phone will have a 5G connectivity feature, making it one of the most advanced smartphones in 2023. This phone is perfect for businesses looking to make video calls without worrying about the network dropping. The camera allows you to snap amazing selfies and videos more efficiently than ever before. The powerful Qualcomm processor provides a faster and smoother interface when multitasking. This phone also comes with a battery that has a life of at least 12 hours. The average price is about $1000 USD.

    4. Xiaomi 13 Pro

    You need an excellent camera to capture those incredibly crisp photos and videos. This android device is among the best smartphones in 2023, with a whopping 48-megapixel primary camera. However, this is not all. This phone will be 4G compatible and have 6GB RAM. The 6GB RAM ensures you can continue working without worrying about your phone slowing down or freezing up when doing multipurpose work on the go. The powerful battery allows you to keep the phone running for at least 6 hours after charging it for 3 hours. The average price is about $1200 USD.

    5. Huawei P60 Pro+

    Huawei, one of the most profitable smartphone makers in the world, is known for making big phones. The P60 Pro+ is no different. Expected to be released in early 2023, this phone will be able to make all of your multitasking needs a breeze with its two screens. The P60 Pro+ will come with a 48-megapixel camera that allows you to take incredible selfies and videos without requiring additional equipment or too much space on your phone. The foldable screen will let you turn this phone into a tablet, even without removing the battery. The average price is $1500 USD.

    Communication is now crucial in the modern world. From working with your clients to communicating with your loved ones, communication is something we cannot live without. Having the most advanced technology available is vital to ensure you can be connected to the world at all times. The future is bright for all of us, with excellent phones and top-of-the-line technology on the horizon.

  • You need a new phone in 2021 and want the most innovative specs at an economical price. However, you’re unsure about which brand or model based on the overwhelming number of features and benefits. Start by considering your unique user needs first, and then take a look at these top six models listed below. Each has a ranking based on its cost-efficiency, specifications, and advantages:

    1. Moto G Power by Motorola
    Motorola produced two models of the moto g power smartphone, including the 32GB and the 64GB. These cell phones are available in eye-catching colors, such as the flashy grey and polarized silver. You will experience a long battery life up to three days without having to recharge your new phone. Its 6.6-inch HD-plus display is an ultra-wide screen for quality visual performance while gaming, browsing the internet, and watching videos or your favorite movies. The retail cost ranges from $199 and higher for the 32GB model and may be as low as $129 at some retailers and carriers

    2. TCL 10L
    Second on the list of the top six smartphones worth the money is the TCL 10L, which comes in arctic white or mariana blue. It has a sleek design that includes a 6.53-inch FHD-plus display and customized interface by TCL. Its octa core processor provides users with a smooth performance experience and 6GB of RAM. You will receive 4,000 mAh in a long-lasting battery to stream your favorite videos and movies before the need to recharge. Consumers can find this smartphone on sale as low as $200 and at a retail cost of $300 and up

    3. LG Stylo 6
    The LG Stylo 6 is available at various retailers and carriers for a sale price of $150 and a retail cost of $220. It is great for taking selfies with its 13MP camera that produces quality and picture-perfect photographs. The Stylo 6 features 64GB internal storage, 6.8-inch display, dual speakers, 4,000 mAh battery, and a 720-G processor. A stylus built-in pen comes with the smartphone for screen touching and writing

    4. Redmi Note 9S by Xiaomi
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is an affordable smartphone model that has a sale price of about $175 and a retail cost of $274 and higher. You can find this cell phone in blue, white, or grey that features a built-in lithium ion polymer 5020 mAh battery for hours of usage listening to music, browsing the internet and watching videos. It has rear and front cameras and includes high-security technology using a fingerprint sensor and artificial intelligence facial unlocking features

    5. Galaxy S21 by Samsung
    Samsung Galaxy S21 includes models ultra 5G, Plus 5G, and the 5G in beautiful violet, white, pink, or grey coloration. Consumers can find these models at various carriers for a sale price of $74 and retail cost of approximately $800. Users will receive a 64MP sensor for clear photographs and an 8K video with quality resolution. The screen sizes are available in 6.8 inches, 6.7 inches, and 6.2 inches, depending on the model

    6. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
    The iPhone 12 Pro Max by Apple is the most expensive phone of all the smartphones that made the top six list. It can cost from $1,100 to $1,200, but is worth the money considering its features and benefits. This smartphone has a 6.7-inch HDR display screen, curved design, powerful 12MP camera system, panorama, and high-technology security. It is water, dust, and splash resistant because of its stainless steel and textured matte glass material for added protection

    If you are looking for smartphones worth the money, the six brands and models listed are the best selections. Consumers can find valuable deals at their local carriers or online retail stores.

  • Each year advancements in technology bring new laptops packed with features previously impossible. That’s certainly the case with AMD after its commanding performance last year. With their powerful Ryzen 4000 laptop processors, AMD gives Intel some serious competition. The consumer electronics show 2021 showcased Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and several other manufacturer offerings, which blended the laptop into a professional and personal machine.
    Here is a list of the best-rated laptops you should consider for your next purchase. Check your local Best Buy for the best laptop deals and pricing

    1. Microsoft Surface Pro X
    The Surface Pro X is an innovative design from Microsoft that is a 2 in 1 laptop tablet. Use it as a regular laptop or remove the screen for a large tablet on the go. With a starting price of $999, you get 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. The Surface Pro X comes with Microsoft SQ1 or SQ2 chipsets (depending upon model) and features Microsoft’s thinnest form factor. The screen is 13” with almost no visible frame and offers up to 15 hours of battery life

    2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
    The ThinkPad X1 Carbon offers several features that help it make the list. First, it has a 14” screen but remains lightweight and thin. Battery life can last up to 19.5 hours and comes with a rapid rechargeability that provides around 80% battery life after one hour of charging. This model also can wake from sleep in less than a second giving you quick responsiveness. Additional connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 provides speedy and secure connections

    3. Dell XPS 13
    Dell has created the XPS 13 and certainly looks to generate competition for laptop manufacturers in 2021. The XPS offers a case professionally sculpted by a CNC machining process. This case provides an incredibly durable option with aluminum materials instead of magnesium or plastic. Sticking with the rugged theme, the XPS 13 also includes Gorilla Glass 6, which allows the screen to shrug off impacts and scratches. Finally, the unit is thinner than previous models but still retains the headphone jack and microSD

    4. Apple MacBook Air M1
    Apple has shown up to challenge its rivals with increased performance power. The M1 chip has given the MacBook Air a genuine performance boost over previous models. Not only is the M1 chip impressive, but the 8-core processor allows for extreme multitasking with minimal battery loss. MacBook Air uses a fanless cooling method in another unique design choice, which makes for silent operation

    5. Acer Aspire 5
    For multi-taskers and gamers, the Acer Aspire has some additional benefits with your choice of options under the hood. You can select either Intel or AMD processors and for graphics, either Nvidia or AMD. With the option for a 1 TB SSD drive, this model offers fast performance from boot-up to running simultaneous applications. The display is a Full HD IPS that incorporates stunning color depth and eye saving technology

  • 4K televisions have at minimum of 8 million pixels active in their display. This translates into a resolution that has standardized to 3,840 by 2,160. This is four times the pixels that a 1080p display offers and over 23 times the resolution offered by standard definition television. 4K televisions offer a much sharper viewing experience than 1080p televisions making them the best choice when purchasing a new television.

    Here are some of the top 4K televisions available for purchase:

    1. LG C9 OLED TV

    The LG C9 OLED TV has a super slim screen and a beautiful display. It works on a WebOS system, is compatible with Google Assistant, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. This television comes with a “magic” remote control which offers point, click, scroll and voice activation. It offers a full web browser and also access to the LG Content Store for popular streaming apps. This 4K television also offers an exceptional audio system with a 2.2 Channel Speaker System, Dolby Atmos, 40W output power with a 20W woofer, Bluetooth audio playback and LG Sound Sync. Connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Smartphone connectivity and USB, just to name a few.

    2. Vizio M-Series Quantum

    The Vizio M-Series Quantum delivers beautiful colors on an ultra bright screen. It works with Vizio’s smart platform called Vizio SmartCast and has Chromecast built in. This television offers Dolby Vision high dynamic color, Quantum Color Spectrum wide color gamut, and an octa-core display processor. It offers HDMI, Ethernet, USB, and TV tuner connectivity. The audio output is 2 10W speakers. This TV comes with a remote control that takes 2 AAA batteries.

    3. Sony MASTER Series A9G OLED TV

    The Sony MASTER Series A9G OLED TV has an excellent OLED picture, magnificent audio system and an amazingly appealing design. It runs on Android TV 8 Smart TV software and has Chromecast built in. This television offers 3840 x 2160 resolution, and HDR in HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It features 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports for connectivity. Additionally there is a 3.5mm jack for headphones and other connectivity options as well. The audio offerings are Acoustic Surface Audio+ with 2 actuators and 2 subwoofers. The TV supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well. Also included is a remote control that supports voice activation.

    4. TCL 6-Series 65” Roku TV

    The TCL 6-Series 65” Roku TV delivers a crisp picture and a lifelike and detailed display. The television comes with Roku’s smart platform and allows for streaming from over 4,000 channels. This TV works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The resolution offered is 2160p and provides breathtaking images. The television is also HDR-compatible as well. The audio included offers two 8W main channel speakers. Connectivity options include HDMI, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. There is also a built in V-Chip which allows parents to block content they may not want their children viewing. Included with this TV is a remote control similar to those that come with a Roku streaming device.

    5. Samsung Q90 QLED TV

    The Samsung Q90 QLED TV allows users to enjoy a crisp and detailed picture with a 4K quantum processor and Dolby Digital Plus technology offers an exceptional audio experience. The television operates on a webOS and provides access to all the latest streaming services. The television is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant providing a voice assistant for the user. For connectivity options, this TV allows for HDMI, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet compatibility in addition to some others. The audio is surround sound supported with Dolby Digital Plus. It comes with built in speakers with 60W audio output. This television also comes with a Samsung remote control.

    In addition to streaming service, services for 4K televisions are also provided by AT&T U-verse internet packages and satellite tv bundles. U-verse internet is a high speed internet service that provides excellent reliability. Having a strong internet connection is important with making sure 4K televisions have optimal performance.

  • The year 2020 may have gotten off to a rough start, but for those with a passion for gadgets and technology, the second half of the year promises to delight with the lineup of new smartphones about to hit the market. Regardless of which brand you favor, the stellar new lineup of features on upcoming smartphones is sure to rev your gears. For a sneak-peek of new smartphones in later 2020 and their features, check out our list below:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S20
    It’s well known that Samsung has been the only brand to keep Android smartphones on the cutting edge to compete with iOS by providing premium quality screen resolutions and cameras. Although many other brands established their market by providing premium features at a little lower cost, Samsung is still able to maintain its market at the cutting edge. Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the premium phones Samsung is introducing in 2020. We have always been fans of Samsung’s screen and camera quality, but this feature-packed phone is going to give extreme experience in every sector of any smartphone. So, even if it is gaming, video recording, or day-to-day use, this phone won’t let you down. Key features:

    • 8k Video Snap
    • Dynamic AMOLED 2x Screen
    • 4000mAh Battery with 25W Fast Charging
    • 120Hz Screen Refresh Rate for Smoother Touch Experience
    • SD 865 CPU for Heavy Gaming
    • X3 Hybrid Optic Zoom & X30 Super Resolution Zoom

    2. Google Pixel 4A
    Google has also been picking up the smartphone market by providing feature-packed smartphones at affordable prices. Google has already come up with many premium & mid-range smartphones, and now again in the 3rd quarter of 2020 google, is coming up with their new mid-range phone named Google Pixel 4a. Key features:

    • Snapdragon 730G (8nm CPU) & Adreno 618 (GPU) for Smooth Gaming
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
    • 3140 mAh battery
    • 18W Fast Charging
    • Screen Resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels

    3. Oneplus Nord
    Oneplus has become the gamer’s choice since the Oneplus has launched its premium-range Oneplus 6 smartphone into the market. Oneplus made a market by providing all premium features like beast performance for gaming with durability. Now, since Oneplus has been providing high-end features packed phones, in 2020 they are coming with their first mid-range phone to expand their market to even more customers. They are launching the Oneplus Nord, which is claimed to be a 5G phone in the mid-range smartphones. Key features:

    • 5G
    • Screen Refresh Rate is 90 Hz
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    • Snapdragon 765G (CPU)
    • Adreno 620 (GPU)
    • 30T fast charging
    • 4115 mAh Battery

    4. Apple iPhone 12
    There is no need to mention that Apple has been the favorite brand of the USA and establishing its roots all over the world by providing its premium quality smartphones. The last smartphone Apple launched was iPhone 11 Pro, which set the bar for other smartphone companies in the field of camera quality. The picture quality it can produce is exceptional in the industry of smartphones. It literally matches some known DSLRs cameras in image quality. Now, the company is already about to launch iPhone 12 in the last Quarter of 2020. The features of this phone have not been disclosed yet, but they will release details on September 8, 2020 during an exclusive event.

    5. Sony Xperia Pro
    Xperia Pro is another premium-range phone from Sony. This phone provides you with HDMI connectivity which lets you connect with other cameras or video cameras. It also provides 5G mmWave connectivity that lets you broadcast with exceptionally high speed. Key features:

    • CinemaWide 6.5″ 4K HDR OLED display
    • SD 865 (CPU)
    • 4000mAh Battery with Fast Charging
    • HDMI Connectivity
    • 5GmmWave Connectivity
    • 360 Degree Antenna Design

    6. LG Velvet
    If you are familiar with what LG provides in smartphones then you might feel that LG has been a little underrated in the smartphone industry. The quality and features LG provides are not less than any other brand in the list. LG has always tried to lead the industry by introducing really useful and premium features. LG was even one of the first companies to launch 5G smartphones. Now they expanded their 5G smartphone into the mid-range smartphones also by launching LG Velvet. Key features:

    • SD 765G (CPU)
    • 4300mAh Battery
    • Wireless Charging
    • Fast Charging 25W
    • Dust & Water Resistant
  • In the year 2020, forty-five percent of the entire population uses a smartphone to some extent. In developed countries like Germany, Japan and the United States, it is actually almost rare to know someone who doesn’t have a cellphone. Smartphones put the power of a computer in everyone’s hands, and they work just about anytime, everywhere (thanks to internet connection). However, there are so many available smartphone options to choose from in 2020 that it can be hard to pick the best phone. 

    Luckily, we’ve prepared a list of the top smartphones everyone wants:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S10E

    One of the biggest changes in the newest Samsung phone is a change in design from a large beveled screen design to something a little smaller and flatter. In modern times the trends for phones is to make them bigger and faster but many find the ballooning size of some smart phones to be cumbersome to use or put in a pocket. At 5.8 inches it is a whole inch shorter than the standard Note 9 which isn’t even advertised as a plus sized phone. This smaller package does not mean that there are any reductions of speed however as many report the Samsung S10E is just as powerful and capable as its full-sized sibling the S10. Instead of having a fingerprint scanner in the screen the fingerprint scanner in the S10E is on the power button which many report to be more comfortable. It’s a phone that is well suited to those looking for comfort and long battery life over other frills.

    2. iphone XR

    Many people who have been interested in Apple’s technology have been priced out due to their normally high sticker price. Apple puts in all of their own parts and proprietary technology so they aren’t able to compete with other companies that have lower prices due to being able to source parts cheaper. This iPhone is an answer to those looking for a budget iPhone but budget is almost not the word to use here. This phone is missing a couple cameras and other features its more premium model the iPhone XS offers but still retains the rest of its functionality. For the price one could get a different brand phone with more features but if someone doesn’t have a lot of expendable money and has to have an Apple phone this could work for them.

    3. Oneplus 7 Pro

    This phone is making waves and for very good reason. It won’t CNET Editor’s Choice in 2019 for having some of the best specs at the market and with a price that doesn’t give that away. In some stores the Oneplus is priced one hundred dollars cheaper than the “budget” Iphone XR yet has more features. This phone has a 90hz screen that means everything from scrolling, to video to video games look like they are an incredibly smooth frame rate. The phone has three cameras in it, allowing it to take photos with plenty of detail and depth no matter what is being focused on. This phone might be a little heavy and might not be as rugged as some of Samsung’s phones but clearly offers some of the best features for the price.

    4. Google Pixel 4 XL

    Google’s Pixel 4 XL like the Oneplus 7 Pro is a 90hz phone that has an impressive HDR display. However the best thing about the Google Pixel 4 is its impressive camera. This phone comes with a number of improvements over its last iteration including battery life, RAM, and software just to name a few but this phone takes photos like no other. Advanced software automatically adjusts white balance and focus. The phone is also capable of taking night shots of the stars. It can be a little pricey to purchase but if someone is looking for the phone with the best camera this phone definitely sits at the top of the pedestal.

  • When dealing with a computer virus is a reality in this day and age of technology. As a result, a reported 70% of Americans are concerned with having their personal data stolen. A computer virus can enter the computer without any knowledge by the user via several ways. Viruses can enter your computer in any number of ways—including by downloading an internet file, visiting a contaminated site, or by email attachment. 

    Once it gets on your computer network, a virus can self replicate and spread throughout the computer files and affect the entire network. Here are the best antivirus software options to protect yourself and your personal data:

    1. Norton guards against intrusions

    With Norton Security Premium you get security without many pop up ads interfering with your usage. You get frequent security scans to ensure everything is running well, and software updates on the computer. Norton’s advanced option gives users the ability to fix enhanced firewall, intrusion protection, email protection, and browser protection. On Norton you can do a variety of scans to determine your systems performance. This includes a standard quick scan, a full system scan, and a custom scan.

    2. Bitdefender offers AI protection

    The anti-virus software BitDefender Total Security 2020 is geared towards malware detection, data privacy, and parental controls. There’s a system in place that has AI babysitting making it a top choice for parents. For protection, Bitdefender keeps track of files experiencing strange activity in order to stop a virus in it’s tracks whenever it detects encrypted files. It will mark specific programs and restrict malicious activity found immediately. It also employs ransomware protection that protects against devastating viruses.

    3. Kaspersky Security is packed with features

    The Antivirus program Kaspersky works well to give users user-friendly, effective features. With its updated version, Kaspersky Security cloud 2020, offers leading edge anti virus technology. Options include browsing protection, firewall, and parental controls, which is more than any other antivirus suite available on the market. It also has a password manager, banking protection, and a software update.

    4. Mcafee works across multiple platforms

    The security program McAfee Total Protection does well when it comes to anti virus protection with good hands on tests. The user gets protection across all Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices in your home. Windows gets a whole lot of features as well as android users. Those with macOS and iOS get less features, but this antivirus software still scored well with anti phishing tests, and has PC Boost on it.

    5. ESET protects online shoppers

    This program offers better protection for internet banking and shopping. ESET Internet Security has a special browser for payments and gives access to web based virtual wallets. With a single license you can protect your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Stay protected when banking or shopping online, and keep your privacy safe as well. You can prevent unauthorized use of your data and test your webcam from unexpected access while testing smart devices.

  • Shoppers everywhere wait with anticipation to catch the special deals and sales that Cyber Monday has to offer. Following Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving every year, all of your favorite online stores provide additional discounts and perks, so Cyber Monday is a huge deal each year. It’s like Cyber Monday was designed for shopping in your pyjamas in the comfort of your home. Cyber Monday is convenient and a treat for shoppers. Do not miss out on purchasing your favorite electronics, clothes, or handbags.

    1. What sort of savings can I anticipate?

    Cyber Monday savings truly come in all forms. Big market stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart cut a lot of their prices nearly in half for Cyber Monday. Shoppers should also be encouraged to check out the website of their phone provider. If you are in need of a new phone, or you are just simply craving an upgrade, there is opportunity to save up to $100 on the most current iPhone and Android devices. If electronics are not what you are looking for, check out Kohl’s during Cyber Monday as their site is offering a chance to receive Kohl’s cash after purchasing certain products.

    2. Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and helped launch the need for smartwatches to go with our smartphones and smarthomes. For the best Cyber Monday deals, we recommend heading over to Apple, Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, and Walmart where they essentially slice their prices for the best. Shoppers can anticipate to spend at least $380.00 on the Apple Watch, but because of the popularity of the product, make sure to act fast as the stock is very limited during this time.

    3. 4K TVs

    If you or anyone you know have yearned to get your hands on the Ultra HD 4K TVs, you are in luck because this Cyber Monday you can pretty much count on major savings on these products. The 70-inch LG UM6970PUA 4K TV originally priced $900.00, will be $647.00 during Cyber Monday Walmart’s site. Many people will attempt to snag the best deal, so be sure to check all Cyber Monday listings on the product to compare and contrast all prices.

    4. Laptops

    Last year’s best deal on laptops was the Samsung Chromebook 3 which was priced at just $99 at Walmart and we’re anticipating much of the same this year. While a $100 laptop might not be the best on the market, the Chromebook is actually a pretty good machine for that price. Dell’s latest laptop, the XPS 13 (7390) sports the new Intel 10th-generation CPU and the device is expected to be further discounted later this November. Then there’s Apple’s MacBook Air 2019 is expected to be on sale for $849 on Amazon or Best Buy, which is a deal that you won’t want to miss.

  • It is that time of year again! Black Friday is just around the corner and you are given the opportunity of jumping in on all the holiday savings, right before Christmas. On November 29th, you will be able to purchase a variety of the hottest items on the market at door crasher prices. Some items that will be going on sale this year are hot items like Apple watches, Nintendo Switch, Echo Dot, Apple Airpods, Vizio 65-inch M Series Quantum 4K TV, Portals Smart Camera, and MacBooks.

    Let’s look at some of the most anticipated deals for Black Friday 2019:

    1. Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is a small video game console that was released in March 2017. This Nintendo gaming system is wireless and can be used stationary or as a portable console. The Switch is a huge hit with children and young adults as they bring this device anywhere with them in their travels. Expect a $50 discount from the retailers (from $299.99 to around $249.99) for Black Friday.

    2. Echo Dot

    The Echo Dot allows you to use voice control to turn on lights in your home, adjust the thermostat, call anyone hands-free, and play the music you want from anywhere on the web. You’ll find deals from Amazon on an Echo Dot With Clock for $34.99 and $22 for the original Echo Dot. 

    3. Apple Airpods

    Apple Airpods are top of the line wireless headphones that allow you to access Siri, charge them directly from the case, and the ability to connect to all of your apple devices. The high-quality sound that comes from these headphones is absolutely remarkable. See AirPods with Charging Case for $144 (normally $159).

    4. 4K TVS

    The 4K TVs are going to be a huge hit this year when Black Friday arrives with all the best sales prices. This specific type of TV has up to four times as many pixels as your average smart TV, making the graphics absolutely stunning to view. Expect deals from Samsung QLED 4K TVs akin to last year, which were around 50 percent off.

    5. Mac Book Pros

    Macbook Pros are lightweight computers that offer you extended battery life and an LED-backlit widescreen display. The FaceTime HD camera allows you to video chat with your loved ones while viewing them in HD graphics, making their picture come in as if they were standing directly in front of you. Find 13-inch MacBook Airs (128GB SSD) for around $900 this year. 

    6. Facebook Portal Smart Camera

    Facebook’s Portal Smart Camera is an excellent product to purchase if you enjoy spending your evenings online chatting with your loved ones through video chat. The camera stays with your body movement without causing the image to become blurry or disfigured because of any fast movement. They are excellent for any parents who live far apart and wish to video chat with their children. Facebook Portal with Alexa Built-in is set for $199.00 to $58.80 off on Black Friday.

    7. Apple Watches

    The Apple Watch S5, Series 4, and even older S3 models will be among the hottest sought after items on the market. Apple Watches allow you to answer calls, stream music, and answer text messages while leaving your phone behind. All models come with a retina display, a heart rate sensor, and GPS navigation for traveling purposes. Expect to see Apple Watches sold for $200 to $400 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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