• As cigarette smoking is increasingly being linked to lung cancer, not to mention a whole host of other health complications, a new form of using e-cigarettes also known as vaping is gaining popularity.

    What is vaping?

    Vaping is essentially the inhalation of the vapors produced by an electric vaporizer or an e-cigarette. The vapors are produced from certain concentrates, herbs, or e-liquids.

    How is vaping done?

    Vaping requires the use of a vaporizer which is an electrical device that consists of a main console, an atomizer unit, also known as a cartomizer, cartridges, and a battery. The electrical impulse from the battery heats up the liquid placed in the atomizer and converts it to fine vapor which can then be inhaled.

    What are e-liquids?

    E-liquids are usually made with a propylene glycol base and vegetable glycerine base and are used in e-cigarettes. They may or may not contain nicotine in them. In general, e-liquids may also be given specific flavors so that the vapors produced when heated in a vaporiser are more pleasant smelling than usual cigarette smoke.

    How is vaping different from actually smoking cigarettes?

    Generally speaking, vaping is considered an alternative to smoking that is relatively less harmless than smoking cigarettes. However, the chances of vaping turning into addiction or leading the user into cigarette smoking are also high, if not carefully monitored.

    When compared to the toxic side-effects of tobacco, vaping has potentially lower health risks. Many de-addiction experts may also recommend vaping as a strategy to gradually wean a person from smoking tobacco.

    Furthermore, according to some studies, the volume of volatile chemicals exhaled when vaping is less than what is exhaled when smoking tobacco, or for that matter, even breathing in a highly polluted city.

    However, similar to the effects of smoking cigarettes, vaping may also have immunity-suppressing side effects.

    What are the different types of vaping?

    In conduction vaping, the e-liquid is heated through direct contact via the heating plate.
    In convection vaping, the vaping liquid is heated indirectly through hot air that is blown over the surface of the liquid.

    Sub ohm vaping uses a coil with less than 1 ohm resistance. Sub ohm vaping is believed to generate a larger and stronger current which in turn can intensify the flavor of the vaporized substance and also enhance the overall vaping experience. However, sub ohm vaping is not recommended for those who are trying vaping for the first time.

    In any case, if one is not already a smoker, vaping is not recommended as a practice to be developed as it needs to be done with great caution. Moreover, vaping has its own set of cons and can be as harmful as regular smoking and can have some long-term effects on your health and body. Therefore, vaping is not to be tried by anyone who is doing it for the first time, as if not done properly, it can pose as a danger.

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  • Playing video games has not really been appreciated by many and has only been considered as an addictive source over the past decade with the boom in the video gaming industry. This misconception has been broken by research which has brought out scientifically proven benefits of playing video games. Some of the proven uses of playing video games are as follows:

    Motor skills:

    The current generation of video games includes a lot of movement stimulation, and players who get hooked onto such games learn the art of movement faster than those who do not play such games, especially in children. These motor skills are embedded into the brain and, therefore, stay with you even as you grow.

    Hand–eye coordination:

    While physical activity boosts simulation of the whole body, video games exclusively stimulates the brain to a greater capacity because of hand–eye coordination. The brain is tasked with the duty of coordinating physical, visual, and audial movement within the given time factors in order to ensure success in the game. And when they fail, the players never give up, they keep plunging in and play along to make sure they progress to higher levels and reach the finale. The higher the level, the better the coordination abilities required to win the game. By doing so, they will be able to achieve a better hand–eye coordination and enhance those skills while in the real world.

    Decision-making skills:

    Any player will improve their decision-making skills because video games require the players to think on their feet and react quickly. These video games are designed to help players to be slowly pushed into harder playing zones so that they get a lay of the game and then use their knowledge to progress into deeper challenges. One wrong decision can be fatal in the game. Hence, children and adults are pushed to the pinnacle of strategy making in these games. Education in the form of fun always stays longer compared to driving the laws of physics in theoretical form.

    Stress and pain relief:

    Stress is a major deterrent for happiness in today’s complex world. People who unwind in front of their game consoles at the end of the day tend to be able to blow off steam easily compared to those who do nothing. When one plays a videogame, they get completely immersed into it that a sense of achievement flourishes when they make even small progresses in the game. This is not a way of running away from reality but an alternative form to unwind just like physical activity. In the case of children, video games act as a numbing agent to distract them from pain. Video games can be engaging to the extent that the outer harsh realities are forgotten momentarily.

    With these perks, one can enjoy playing their favorite video games and also acquire some skills and avail the benefits of these video games.

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