The 5 Best Antivirus Softwares of 2020

When dealing with a computer virus is a reality in this day and age of technology. As a result, a reported 70% of Americans are concerned with having their personal data stolen. A computer virus can enter the computer without any knowledge by the user via several ways. Viruses can enter your computer in any number of ways—including by downloading an internet file, visiting a contaminated site, or by email attachment. 

Once it gets on your computer network, a virus can self replicate and spread throughout the computer files and affect the entire network. Here are the best antivirus software options to protect yourself and your personal data:

1. Norton guards against intrusions

With Norton Security Premium you get security without many pop up ads interfering with your usage. You get frequent security scans to ensure everything is running well, and software updates on the computer. Norton’s advanced option gives users the ability to fix enhanced firewall, intrusion protection, email protection, and browser protection. On Norton you can do a variety of scans to determine your systems performance. This includes a standard quick scan, a full system scan, and a custom scan.

2. Bitdefender offers AI protection

The anti-virus software BitDefender Total Security 2020 is geared towards malware detection, data privacy, and parental controls. There’s a system in place that has AI babysitting making it a top choice for parents. For protection, Bitdefender keeps track of files experiencing strange activity in order to stop a virus in it’s tracks whenever it detects encrypted files. It will mark specific programs and restrict malicious activity found immediately. It also employs ransomware protection that protects against devastating viruses.

3. Kaspersky Security is packed with features

The Antivirus program Kaspersky works well to give users user-friendly, effective features. With its updated version, Kaspersky Security cloud 2020, offers leading edge anti virus technology. Options include browsing protection, firewall, and parental controls, which is more than any other antivirus suite available on the market. It also has a password manager, banking protection, and a software update.

4. Mcafee works across multiple platforms

The security program McAfee Total Protection does well when it comes to anti virus protection with good hands on tests. The user gets protection across all Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices in your home. Windows gets a whole lot of features as well as android users. Those with macOS and iOS get less features, but this antivirus software still scored well with anti phishing tests, and has PC Boost on it.

5. ESET protects online shoppers

This program offers better protection for internet banking and shopping. ESET Internet Security has a special browser for payments and gives access to web based virtual wallets. With a single license you can protect your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Stay protected when banking or shopping online, and keep your privacy safe as well. You can prevent unauthorized use of your data and test your webcam from unexpected access while testing smart devices.

Pregnancy is an important phase of every woman’s life. But at times, there are several complications one has to deal with. One such complication is Ovarian Cyst. Ovarian cysts are sacs or pockets filled with fluid in an ovary or on its surface. It is fairly common and present in all women. Cysts are usually harmless, but at times they may create problems like rupture, bleeding or ovarian cyst pain that may require medical assistance.

Every woman has two ovaries. The ovaries are responsible for releasing and storing the eggs. They are placed on either side of the uterus. Each ovary releases an egg every month, during the middle of the menstrual cycle. This is known as ovulation. The egg grows in the ovary, while a hormone, called estrogen prepares the uterus for the pregnancy.

Causes of Ovarian Cysts
The causes of Ovarian Cysts are obesity, irregular menstrual cycle, early menstruation before the age of 11, infertility, hypothyroidism, and tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts
The symptoms of Ovarian Cysts depend on the size of the cyst. Most functional cysts do not exhibit any symptoms. The larger the cyst, the more the problems it poses. The cysts that lead to ovarian tumors are usually of 12 inches or even more. Here are some of the most common symptoms of Ovarian Cysts:

Pain in the lower belly, usually during the middle of the menstrual cycle; as well as cramps.
A delay in the start of menstruation.
Bleeding from vagina, even when there is no menstruation
Abnormal or irregular bleeding during the menstrual cycle is another symptom of ovarian cyst. Spotting or light bleeding from the vagina is also a possibility. In rare cases, the cyst might develop into ovarian cancer. However, benign functional ovarian cysts do not lead to cancer, and most ovarian cysts are benign.

Signs and symptoms of ovarian cyst are not observed in most cases. They are usually found during the routine physical examination. However, in case of complex ovarian cysts, there may be a few signs or symptoms such as:

Pain during sexual intercourse.
Severe sudden pain in the lower abdomen or the pelvic zone.
Irregular menstrual cycle.
Nausea and vomiting.
Abdominal tenderness
Abdominal distension.
Pain or pressure with urination or bowel movement.
Vaginal pain.
Feeling of abdominal fullness.
Problems with the control of urination.
A feeling of lower abdominal or pelvic pressure or fullness.
Feeling full early when eating.
Chronic pelvic pain or low back pain throughout the menstrual cycle.
Complications of ovarian cyst and remedies
Ovarian cyst usually does not affect a woman’s ability to conceive. If you have conceived once, it is a good indicator that you may be able to do again. The only complication of ovarian cysts that can lead to difficulty in conceiving is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Women who are obese, have excessive hair growth, and face the problem of irregular or non-existent periods can be suffering from PCOS – and conceiving can be difficult for them.

The cure for this ailment is getting fit so that your body is ready to cope with pregnancy. A varied diet with a regular schedule of workouts can be a good remedy for dealing with PCOS and leading a healthy life. PCOS affects the production of eggs as it does not let the egg to develop and release. Thus ovulation does not happen and leads to infertility.

Most ovarian cysts are just functional; a result of the hormonal fluctuations that occur during the menstrual cycle. They are usually harmless and may lead to ovarian cyst pain, but do not indicate a specific disease. Cysts usually occur during pregnancy or the time when a woman is still fertile to carry a baby. Most of the cysts may disappear within a few weeks with the help of ovarian cyst treatment. However, certain cases may warrant ovarian cyst removal by means of a surgical process.

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There’s just something about a classic pick up truck. As far as stature and power, the following trucks led the way as far as impressive styling, engine power, hauling and off road capabilities that, no doubt, inspired the design of many pickups on the road today.

Here’s our list of the six most tried and true pickup trucks in history:

1. Ford Baja Bronco

When I was a kid, all the cool teens had a Ford Bronco, but those with a limited edition Baja Bronco were king of the road. Why? As far as off-roading capabilities, the Baja offered a powerful 302-cid V8 paired with a C4 automatic, plus drivers got a impressive boost due to the high cut rear wheel wells and flares, which left ample room for huge tires. The Baja screamed daring adventure roll cage and special enhancements made to offer heavy-duty suspension.

2. Ford SVT Raptor

Ford longed to take their classic F150 off-road, but it took until 2009 for them to create the Raptor, a pick up that offered smooth driving and handling and four-wheeling on even the most extreme desert terrain. Not to mention, this truck could haul an 8000-pound trailer. No problem! Offered in a SuperCrew cab and SuperCab configuration, the Raptor also featured a 4WD system based on the standard F-150, plus urethane bump stops and internal-bypass Fox Racing shocks, which allowed for smooth-riding suspension over the roughest roads and highest jumps.

3. GMC-Chevy-Napco

More of a conversion kit than a model truck, Napco (otherwise known as the Northwest Auto Parts Company) made up for the fact that 1950s pickups didn’t come in 4WD (opposed from Dodge). So Napco designed a 4WD offered a conversion kit that let Chevy, Fords, and GMC owners get the 4WD power they longed for. By the year 1957, pick up manufacturers finally caught on and began installing Napco Power-Pak 4WD conversions on their assembly line pick ups.

4. Dodge Ram

While GM and Ford enthusiasts may have issue with this truck, one can hardly match the ruggedness of the Dodge Ram of the early 90’s with it’s Cummins diesel engine. In fact, you can still witness the impact of this redesigned Ram on many GM and Ford trucks to this day, with it’s “big rig” styling.

5. Ford F-250 “Highboy”

Prior to the Ford F-150, the Highboy was king of the Ford pick up empire. A tough-as-nails truck renowned for it’s ultra-rugged driving capabilities on any terrain, the Highboy was named for its sky-high frame and 35-inch tall tires that was inches taller than any Jeep, Dodge, or GM on the market. After 1977, the Highboy was considered a “Lowboy” as it was constructed at least 2-inches lower, which is why the original pre-1977 model is now considered a collector’s item.

6. Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge

When a celebrity race car driver pairs up with an auto manufacturer, sometimes the results can be disappointing, which was sort of the case when Rod Hall collaborated with Chrysler to birth the Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge pick up truck. Only 33 of these beauties were made, and despite the Dodge Ram 150 base design, bed-mount light bar and driving lights, and slick pre-runner front and rear bumpers, for some reason Dodge plopped in a whimpy 318-cid V8 with only 170 hp. Despite the fact, this truck continues to be a collector’s item among pick up truck buffs.

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The pickup truck is synonymous with America. It’s tough. It works hard. And it has no problem getting dirty to get the job done. This is likely why the pickup truck continues to be among the best selling vehicle in North America. Regardless of if you’re part of team Dodge, Ford, or Chevy, you know that owning a truck offers a truly unique driving experience compared to any sedan, small compact, or even an SUV.

Here are our top reasons to super-size your driving experience to a pickup truck:

1. Tons of room

If it’s room you desire, ignore any desires to buy a sleek, compact car and turn to a pickup instead. Seriously, a recent Chevy Silverado offers ample legroom and cargo space for a comfortable daily commute or road trip because who wants a leg cramp to start the work day. Passengers can literally stretch their legs out in a roomy four full pickup truck with ample room for tools and everything you need.

2. Safest drive on the road

Perhaps power and hauling capabilities are your biggest concern when thinking about pickup truck ownership. However, believe it or not safety is a huge benefit of pickup truck ownership. positive! Think about the safety features built in to most full-size trucks—you get a caged cab, vehicle stability, safety seatbelt systems, side impact protection, and even trailer sway control already built into your vehicle.

3. Towing capacity

Sure, if you own a pickup truck you kind of open yourself up to helping every single person you know move house. However, when it comes to hauling your own stuff, you can’t go wrong with a pickup truck. Take a truck like the Chevy Silverado for example, you can suddenly haul up to 12,000 pounds no problem thanks to the impressive torque and horsepower. Suddenly your vehicle can easily transition from work truck to off road camping vehicle of your dreams.

4. Look at that view

If it’s a boost you want, a pickup is your best bet when it comes to the best visibility on the road. The height of a standard pickup truck cabin permits a view over most other vehicles on the highway. Is that a traffic jam 6 blocks ahead? Luckily, you’ll be able to see it and take a quick detour if you drive a pickup. Not to mention, the cab of a pick up offers the driver and all passengers all-round visibility, front, back and side thanks to huge rear and side-view mirrors.
Leading us into the next reason why trucks are such great vehicles.

5. Feel the power

Putting aside all jokes about overcompensating, there is little doubt that many individuals choose to drive a pickup for the sheer power it offers. While Ford, Chevy, and GM differ as far as horses under the hood, most current trucks offer between 350- to 440-horsepower (hp) if you consider a Ford F-250 or a Dodge Ram.

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Pickup trucks represent the American dream. And while car buyers have vered from SUV to sports coupe over the past few years, pickup truck buffs tend to harken to the past when it comes to sticking with their love of the classic pickup truck. Many of the following classic trucks in good condition sell for a pretty steep price among collectors.

Here are four of the most coveted collectible pickup trucks:

1. 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

Considered neither a car nor a truck, the Bronco was unique as far a broaching the needs of both a car and a truck driver, which explains it’s motto “the best of both worlds”. This cube shaped truck debuted for 1966 in rudimentary form for a mere $2400 (base model). However, it was the impressively wide (at 92-inches) wheelbase that offered serious off roading, smooth highway driving, and extreme towing capabilities in a single vehicle. Touted literally as a sports car with 4-wheel drive, the Bronco was mounted on coil springs and outfitted with a V8 engine that could literally take drivers from camping to off roading while offering the style and comfort of a family wagon. Today, this year range of Ford Bronco retails for $25k plus.

2. 1948 Ford F-1

Behold the inaugural Ford F-series pickup. Think of it as the crown of America’s trucking obsession. Considering this Ford series has ranked in the best-selling for decades, many pickup truck owners are still firmly planted in the Ford camp thanks to this very vehicle. If you’re lucky enough to find a 1948 Ford F1 for sale, you can expect to pay upwards of $30K depending on condition and customizations.

3. 1946-1968 Dodge Power Wagon

Looking at this truck, there’s little wonder that it was originally designed in the early 1940’s for military purposes. However, the Dodge Power Wagon caught on in the mainstream market due to its ability to travel virtually anywhere. The impressive 4×4 capabilities of this truck was so good that it there were no revisions until it was discontinued in 1968. If you spot one, expect to pay $45k or more!

4. 1971-1972 Chevrolet C10/C20 Cheyenne Super

It was called the “Super” for good reason. This high-option, everyday use pickup truck boosted unique interior design with a/c, tach dash, power brakes and steering, headliners, and tilt columns. Plus, the exterior could be costoumize with special paint and trim. Find one and expect to pay up to $30k for a model in good condition with lots of options.

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