• Even though we’re not able to prevent aging, we can do things to slow down the aging process and reverse some of the effects of aging. Thanks to modern advances in the skincare and beauty industry, consumers have access to more anti-aging products than ever before. One of those are anti-wrinkle creams. 
    Read on for a deeper look at several benefits you stand to gain by using anti-wrinkle creams

    1. Tightens skin
    Anti-aging creams can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as tighten the skin. One of the reasons why they are able to do this is because they encourage collagen production. Collagen can be best described as being a protein that’s responsible for the elasticity of our skin. As we get older, our body produces less and less collagen. As a result of this our skin gradually loses its elasticity

    2. Hydrates
    Another benefit you stand to gain is the fact that a good wrinkle cream can help to hydrate the skin. While skin hydration may not seem important at first glance, hydration plays a key role in your skin’s ability to remain firm. The outermost layer of our skin needs moisture so that it can rid itself of toxins and provide nutrients to our skin’s cells. Well hydrated skin is also more resilient to the effects of germs and irritants. Besides the fact that it can help to protect you from premature acne and wrinkles, it can puff up your skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    3. Improves radiance
    Having a radiant skin, entails having skin that glows from the inside out. The key way to get your skin to glow is to provide it with nutrients such as antioxidants. Some of the most effective anti-wrinkle creams on the market are able to get your skin to glow by including powerful antioxidants in their anti-wrinkle formulas. This in itself can help to boost the look and feel or your skin, and your confidence.

    4. Prevents age spots and discoloration
    Age spots, commonly referred to as liver spots are tiny, dark areas on the skin. These types of spots range in size and can appear on your arms, hands and face. Age spots are also called sunspots because of the fact that exposure to ultraviolet rays is one of the most common reasons why people get spots in the first place. Anti-wrinkle creams hydrate your skin and provide it with the ingredients it needs to become more resilient to germs, bacteria, and ultraviolet rays

    5. Proactive skin care 
    While eye creams for under eye bags and wrinkles are not miracle serums, anti-wrinkle creams are extremely effective because they consist of essential ingredients, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients that work cohesively to improve the health of your skin. By focusing on improving skin health, you are able to see the benefits such as reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and hydrated skin that is radiant and free of age spots. In most cases, you would have to purchase multiple different products to get each and every single one of the aforementioned benefits. Anti-wrinkle creams enable you to conduct proactive skin care practices on your skin, which help to save time and money associated with buying multiple products, and also lessens the need for dermal procedures and cosmetic surgeries, which can be quite costly

  • Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and a type of atopic dermatitis that causes skin to become itchy, rough, and inflamed. Eczema is not contagious, and many patients develop symptoms in early childhood and eventually outgrow the condition. Others, however, may need to manage the condition throughout their adult years. Triggers for eczema differ between patients but often include foods (i.e., dairy and nuts), environmental factors (i.e., weather and pollen), and certain soaps and fragrances. 

    This article will introduce you to the most common soap ingredients that tend to trigger eczema flare ups: 

    1. Soaps with strong aromas

    Strong fragrances of any sort may not be a good idea if you have eczema. If soaps with light fragrances such as botanical oils can cause irritation, imagine the effects of strong fragrance soaps. Your skin might smell good, but it definitely will not feel good. The National Eczema Association (NEA) reported that 8% to 15% of individuals suffering from eczema have sensitivities to a fragrance. This makes these kinds of soaps a number one trigger.

    2. Soaps containing cocamidopropyl betaine 

    Cocamidopropyl betaine is derived from coconut oil and is present in many soaps, shampoos, and cleansers. It is very effective in cleansing and getting rid of dirt and oil. Despite this, it might

    not be so great for sensitive skin, as many users report flaking and redness around the mouth, eyes, hands, and scalp. So exercise caution and remember to take note of the ingredients.

    3. Soaps with botanical oils

    Fragrances generally are a terrible idea for eczema sufferers. While botanical oils have a more light or “natural” fragrance, they can also pose an issue. Using soaps with botanical oils can lead to sensitive skin. For individuals with eczema, your skin is already sensitive and prone to flare-ups. These soaps may only make your condition worse and, therefore, ought to be avoided.

    4. Soaps with methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) and methylisothiazolinone (MI)

    MCI and MI are ingredients found in many beauty items that we use, such as makeup and baby products. They help safeguard or protect these items from bacterial and fungal growth, threatening to break down the product itself. While they may be beneficial so that we have our products for longer, they aren’t quite gentle on skin. These ingredients can cause flaky, red, itchy skin in the places you applied the product and is one more trigger you do not need around.

    5. Propylene glycol based soaps

    One respected American Society named propylene glycol the “Allergen of the Year” in 2018 and for just cause. It too is found in many cosmetic and skincare products as well as certain medications and food. It might sound odd, but it can also be found in some eczema soaps and medications. This ingredient can cause allergy flare-ups for many eczema patients. Check the ingredients found in your soaps. If you’ve been using a soap that you realize isn’t helping your skin when it should be, propylene glycol could be the cause.

    6. Antibacterial soaps

    Antibacterial soaps are well known for their ability to rid our skin of germs and other microscopic organisms that mean to do us harm. For individuals with eczema, however, they may not be your best friend. These soaps deprive your skin of considerable amounts of moisture. With a lack of moisture, eczema flare-ups are often triggered, leading to itching, rashes, and a myriad of symptoms. It just isn’t worth it.

    Treatment, whether child eczema treatment or teen eczema treatment, is important, especially in light of the ingredients found in many soaps and other products that can put them at risk. It is critical to stop using a product once it affects your child’s skin and always inform your doctor and look into other medications and home remedies that can offer better relief.

  • Health experts (and moms) agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! However, what you choose to eat to begin your day also makes a big difference in your mood and energy levels. Consuming healthy and energizing breakfast options is essential to set you up for a productive, focused, and successful day. Here are some healthy ideas to boost your energy until lunchtime:

    1. Chia breakfast pudding
    Chia seeds are a superfood as they are packed with protein and antioxidants that are needed to keep energy levels high. Use dairy-free milk, like almond milk, that has added vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy, protein and vitamin-packed breakfast to keep you running throughout your day

    2. Oatmeal
    High in fiber, oatmeal is a great breakfast food as it helps you stay full until lunchtime. This will increase productivity and keep your energy levels high throughout your morning. Try mixing in fresh berries or bananas to get a healthy addition of fruit and added antioxidants

    3. Almond butter on whole grain toast
    Almond butter is a great source of fiber and protein that helps to ward off morning hunger. Adding it on toast is a simple, yet healthy breakfast. Be sure to only use whole-wheat toast, as it contains more fiber and is a complex carb. White bread is a simple carb, with little fiber, and will counteract any benefits of almond butter as simple carbs crash your blood sugar and so, will cause an energy crash

    4. Eggs
    Eggs are a staple breakfast food because they are high in protein and low in sugar. This makes them an excellent choice for long mornings to ensure productivity and keep energy levels high. Try making an omelet with added vegetables like spinach or mushrooms to get added vitamins and minerals needed to boost health

    5. Greek yogurt parfait
    Greek yogurt is a great breakfast food because it is high in protein. However, stick to yogurts that are low in sugar, as lots of added sugar can potentially cause your energy to crash. To get some natural sweetness in your greek yogurt, try adding berries. They are a natural source of sugar, plus have the benefit of vitamins and antioxidants needed to maintain good health

    6. Protein snack bars
    If you are often in a rush and do not have time to cook breakfast, a protein snack bar is a good option. Protein helps keep you full, so a protein bar will not leave you hungry in a few hours. This will keep you productive and keep your energy levels high until lunchtime. Make sure to consume a protein bar that is low in sugar, as added sugars are unhealthy and may lead to a sugar crash that counteracts the benefits of a high-protein bar

    While many of us can’t start the day without a coffee, remember a wholesome breakfast will make the difference in mood, energy, and alertness. So as you set your Colombian K Cup coffee to brew; also incorporate a few of the healthy morning meal options into your day.

  • Most parents want to feed their kids nutritious foods. Most companies want to sell parents food for their children regardless of actual nutritional values. Many times these companies will use tricks to make you feel their products are healthier than they actually are. Lactose free organic milk sounds pretty healthy doesn’t it? However, the nutritional value of any food or drink needs close consideration before feeding it to growing children. 

    While there genuinely are kids snacks that are healthy. Here is a list of foods that pretend to be healthy but actually aren’t:

    1. Fruit on the bottom yogurt

    Fruit on the bottom yogurt sounds healthy, but fruit on the bottom is a sneaky way of saying I have a ton of added sugar. The halo of the health benefits of fruit help sell this product, but if you want to add fruit to yogurt you are better off adding some fresh fruit to plain yogurt. If plain yogurt is too puckery for your kid’s tastes you can add some honey or maple syrup. Whatever you add will still probably be less than what that fruit bottom yogurt contains.

    2. Sweetened applesauce

    Sweetened applesauce gets that health halo from the added fruit again, but the added sweetener makes this anything but a healthy snack. Try no sugar-added applesauce. Or even better a whole apple with some peanut butter or cheese. A little protein turns this snack into something with staying power.

    3. Energy bars

    If I wanted to sell a parent a candy bar that they wouldn’t feel guilty about serving their kids I would give it fancy packaging and call it an energy bar. Most of these bars have similar calories and sugar to a candy bar. If you are going to give a treat to a kid you might as well give them the candy bar they actually want, but if you are going for something healthy. Steer clear of these guys.

    4. Fruit snacks

    There seems to be a theme here. If a company wants their product to seem healthy they just have to add the word fruit. Fruit products aren’t any healthier than a meat product and most people would rather keep spam out of their body. So do your kid a favor and skip anything that has the word fruit in favor of real fruit. It will probably taste better and it’s much healthier for your child.

    5. Sugary cereals

    Instead of using fruit to claim their healthy status many of these cereals use whole grains to try to claim healthy status. Too much sugar is never good for you even if there are a few grams of whole grains. Most of these cereals put in just enough whole grains to claim the ingredient on the package. Stick to actual whole-grain cereals and add your own small amount of sweetener if your kid won’t eat it straight. It will end up still much healthier than the alternative.

    Parenting is a constant battle. Companies don’t make it easier by trying to mislead parents that are trying to do the best that they can for their kids. The only weapon we have as consumers is to stay informed on what is actually healthy. So to give your kids healthy snacks read your labels and try to avoid anything with too much sugar.

  • Practicing good oral hygiene daily and eating nutritiously is essential in keeping our teeth in healthy shape. Having a fresh, clean, straight pair of teeth is the goal. It’s also important to note that crooked teeth may be bad for one’s health as well, causing bad breath, jaw strain, headaches, and difficulties chewing. 
    Brushing crooked teeth is harder as well, which can ultimately lead to bacteria and plaque build up, which can cause tooth decay or gum disease. Also, crooked teeth can affect speech sound and articulation. So, as you can see, straightening teeth is not only about aesthetics, it’s a health priority. Most people assume you need to visit an orthodontist to get typical metal braces. However, there are a few more interesting options out there

    1. Clear teeth aligners
    These are clear, high-tech plastic or acrylic type material liners that fit over your teeth. These are very popular because they are less expensive than regular prescribed braces and are easier to wear. Plus, unlike traditional braces, these clear aligners are removed when eating, brushing, and flossing teeth. There are a variety of companies to choose from that provide this teeth straightening option. One provider, Smile Direct Club, offers their customers made to order invisible aligners that boast of a very smooth, easy to wear, BPA-free plastic construction. You have the option of all-day clear teeth aligners or Nighttime aligners, both which cost $1950/$89 a month. Traditional metal braces can cost over $5,000. And they accept HSA/FSA credit cards and some dental plans will cover costs. Smile Direct provides their own convenient payment plan too. Like every dental treatment, there are pros and cons to this type of teeth straightening method. Although, invisible aligners are an easy to wear, affordable option choice, there are a few things to consider. Customers run the risk of having teeth shift either too fast or slower than anticipated. And you’re not getting in person treatment from an orthodontist or dentist with mail in teeth aligners

    2. Lingual braces
    These typically metal braces are placed on the back side of one’s teeth. This is a highly popular method in straightening teeth because they are virtually unseen. Although, these braces are harder for your Orthodontist to apply and work with because they are fixated on the back of teeth, it’s a favored method by most teens and adults because of the discrete nature of the teeth straightening technique. The brackets are fixed at the same time on the back of teeth using a customized tray rather than placing one bracket at a time as with traditional front style braces. However, there are some concerns about lingual braces to consider. Placing braces on the back of teeth can make it harder to eat, cause unsightly soreness in one’s mouth and tongue, and can affect the way you speak

    3. Dental surgery
    Dental surgery is another desired teeth straightening option. Your Orthodontist may suggest minor surgery in order to align teeth instead of applying braces. It can be helpful in lessening the time you’d need to straighten teeth. An oral surgeon typically will reposition your teeth and gums in a minor surgery in order to straighten crooked teeth. Typically dental surgery is a good option when a patient’s jaw and crooked teeth are causing pain when eating or gum irritation. Oral surgery is one of the best proven and effective ways to straighten teeth but it’s also an expensive option as well

    4. Retainers
    Retainers are another popular option that straightens teeth. Depending on the type of alignment issue, your Orthodontist may suggest wearing a metal retainer only at night to straighten your teeth. This treatment plan offers more flexibility as wearing typical 24/7 braces. However, it may take longer to see teeth align straight and oftentimes people forget to wear them or even misplace them at home because of a retainer’s tactile mobility

    5. Ceramic braces 
    Also known as  ‘clear braces’, these are a trendy option. They are typically tooth colored brackets and usually a favored teeth straightening method with teens and adults alike because they are aesthetically better looking than typical old school metal braces. These clear braces are made of polycrystalline alumina and generally more comfortable to wear. However the out of the pocket cost is more than regular braces and clear braces to stain over time. And they are consequently less durable than traditional braces because metal braces are made of high-quality stainless steel or titanium alloys which makes them the sturdier option

  • In today’s beauty world, having bold eyebrows is an essential component of a put together makeup look. Some people may find themselves feeling left out of this trend as their eyebrows are too thin. Others may deal with the opposite problem and have eyebrows that are very thick and create an unsightly unibrow! Do not fear. Here are some everyday eyebrow mistakes and their incredibly helpful solutions:

    1. Trying to make brows identical

    Have you ever heard the phrase your eyebrows are sisters, not twins? This rings true in the beauty world. Trying to make your eyebrows identical will always look unnatural and uncanny. We have so many unique features to our face and no two parts of our bodies are completely identical. When plucking your eyebrows, follow the natural curve of each eyebrow and do not get overly concerned with making them “even”. Of course, you want some resemblance or likeness with the thickness level and arch but keep to the natural contours of the hairs in order to achieve a more natural look. 

    2. Too dark brow filler

    If you have light colored or thin eyebrows, filling them in with an eyebrow pencil, gel, or shadow is a perfect solution. However, while your aim is to darken your brows so they can appear visible, it is easy to overdo it and create stark lines with brow filler that is simply too dark. There is a handy trick to avoid this common pitfall. Experts suggest using an eyebrow product that is a shade lighter than your hair color to achieve an effortless brow look. Lighter tones can be more forgiving when applied to the face. The color should complement your face and hair and not be so overpowering. For example, if you have black hair, use a dark brown shade for your eyebrows and not black itself.

    3. Over-plucking

    It is a rite of passage to over-pluck your eyebrows in your teenage years. You desire a more refined look and want to get rid of the stray eyebrow hairs encroaching on your eyelid. Unfortunately, over-plucking your eyebrows may damage their shape forever. Hair regrowth may be stubborn in over-plucked areas. Have no fear. You can use a brand of Revitalash eye makeup in order to correct this problem. Revitalash Revitabrow is a quality product; an eyebrow conditioning serum used to strengthen your eyebrow hairs. This will allow your eyebrow hairs to naturally have a thicker and fuller appearance. It is gentle on skin and protects against hair breakage. It is available at cosmetic stores as well as dermatology offices. This product can be a life-saver if you want bold and beautiful brows but have damaged them due to over-plucking.

    4. Using the wrong brush

    An artist needs the appropriate tools to make a masterpiece. The same is true for your face. You need to use the correct tools in order to achieve a flawless and timeless look. Using the wrong eyebrow brush can definitely result in messy and unnatural lines on your brows. The solution is to use a thin and angled makeup brush in order to let the brush strokes appear more natural. Follow the direction of your existing eyebrow hairs and use the thin, angled brush in quick light strokes. You will have stunning brows in no time.

    5. Not blending

    Another common error while filling in brows is quickly using a brow pencil or powder to fill in the brows and not taking the time to entirely blend the product. We naturally tend to press harder in certain places than others which leads to an excess of product at certain points in the brow. Be sure to use a spoolie brush to blend the product in order to avoid brows that look too harsh or spotty.

  • For many dog owners, a common practice may be to feed their dogs human food. In many cases this can be detrimental to your pet’s health and wellness. Some foods can contribute to pet obesity, allergies, diabetes, and others may be downright toxic. For pet owners who can’t resist those “puppy dog eyes”, here is a list of common foods to avoid at all cost because they are toxic to dogs:

    1. Raw eggs

    Just like with humans, dogs face the risk of contracting Salmonella if they eat raw eggs. Cooked eggs can be beneficial for dogs, and can provide them a source of vitamins and protein, but feeding them a raw egg leads to the potential for Salmonella for the dog.

    2. Chocolate and caffeine

    Dogs along with most pets are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. While a little tiny bit, such as one or two laps of it won’t often be enough to cause much harm, a lot of caffeine ingestion is enough to poison most animals and can even kill small dogs. Chocolate also puts dogs, especially small dogs, at risk for chocolate poisoning. Just like caffeine, chocolate can be poison to most dogs, especially in big, solid amounts.

    3. Grapes and raisins

    Most dogs cannot ingest grapes or raisins. While a small amount might just make a dog sick, it has recently been discovered that grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure and can be fatal.

    4. Onions and garlic

    Even a minor ingestion of onions and garlic along with the rest of the allium family that these two foods fall into can be toxic to dogs. Studies show that dogs that take in more than .5% of their body weight, ingesting these foods is toxic enough to be fatal. Japanese breeds such as the Shiba Inu are more sensitive to onions and garlic in comparison to other dog breeds.

    5. Raw meat with bones

    Dogs will often want meat from you when you’re eating it. Just like with humans, raw meat can be toxic to dogs, and there are certain bones that you should not give your dog. If they like to chew on bones, give them pork or rib bones, both of which can crack and are smaller and are less likely to get stuck in a dog’s throat.

    While these are not the only toxic foods for dogs out there, these are the most common ones, and the ones to watch out for because they may be fatal. If you’re unsure what to feed your dog, talk to your veterinarian about healthy dog foods and ask for a recommendation to order prescription dog food online. Also, if you want to continue to give your dogs treats, it might be better to steer clear of table scraps in favor of healthy dog treats.

  • Any procedure to lighten the color of your teeth is called teeth whitening. The process can be done by a medical professional or by using natural products at home. The medical procedure may give faster results due to the bleaching chemicals used alongside heat or laser treatment. 

    Whitening your teeth at home is also effective when you are consistent and patient about it. Some ways to whiten your teeth are listed below:

    1. Whitening toothpaste

    Whitening paste is made with chemicals that can dissolve stains to give you the result you desire. Using whitening toothpaste to lighten your teeth’s color is something helpful as results are guaranteed to be seen after a short period. They are several brands of whitening paste that you can use. You have to find the best toothpaste for healthy teeth and gingivitis gums to prevent any harm. It is essential to use toothpaste that is from a reputable brand. It is beneficial to consider this solution since you will get results within a short time.

    2. Oil pulling

    Oil pulling is safe and advisable to try when you want to lighten your teeth. Various people have applied the solution and got the best results. It is the process of using oil as a mouthwash by swishing it in your mouth. Commonly used oils for this process is coconut oil and extra virgin oil. Take a tablespoon of oil and use it as a mouthwash for about 20 minutes. After twenty minutes, you can spit the oil and brush your teeth. It is believed that you can get rid of harmful bacteria and whiten your teeth simultaneously. The process helps whiten your teeth and make them healthier by avoiding bad breath, gingivitis, and other teeth issues.

    3. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

    Mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common homemade teeth whitening solutions. Baking soda has products that help remove stains from the teeth, and hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach. The two products can be found with ease at home, making them convenient for anyone. Make a paste by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. You can add water to your past if the need arises. Use the paste to brush your teeth consistently for you to see a difference. The two products are harmless, and it is safe to use them on your teeth.

    4. White strips

    White strips make it easy for you to whiten your teeth at home easily, similar to using the best at home teeth straightening aligner. They contain products used by professional dentists while doing in-office teeth whitening procedure, making it easy to remove stains. The strips remove surface stains and penetrate to the tooth enamel giving whiter teeth. Using whitening strips is easy, and they are affordable, making them a good option for an at home teeth whitening solution.

    5. Avoid drinks that stain

    Some drinks cause serious stains to your teeth, (i.e. coffee, juice, wine, etc.). To get whiter teeth, you need to avoid drinks that stain because they make it hard for your teeth to get the color you desire. You can reduce the drinks if stopping is hard to help eliminate the stains on your teeth. You will see a noticeable difference when you stop consuming these drinks.

  • Although it may be tempting to provide our cat companions with a treat that we love to indulge in, giving cats human food does more harm than good. It can lead to pet obesity, because cats don’t need to consume as much food as we do. You could make your cat ill if they have a food allergy and allergic response to the human food you have given them. 
    The best cat food is made from wholesome ingredients. A lot of cat owners recommend Iams cat foods. Here are five human foods that are toxic and unsafe for cats

    1. Onions and garlic
    Onions and garlic are extremely toxic for cats. They can destroy a cat’s red blood cells because of the disulfide and thiosulphate compounds present in them. They can also cause damage and failure in their organs. If consumed a cat may become weak and develop symptoms of toxicity, like vomiting

    2. Grapes and raisins
    Though there is no current knowledge as to why, grapes and raisins are known to cause kidney failure in cats. They can make a cat very ill. Symptoms that may follow if these foods are consumed include: diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting

    3. Raw eggs and raw meat and bones
    Raw meat and eggs are known to cause salmonella poisoning if consumed, and that is still true for cats. It can also damage and affect the coat and skin of your cat companion if consumed. Bones should be avoided because they can damage a cat’s teeth and may cause them to choke if consumed

    4. Chocolate
    Though chocolate is known as a sweet treat, it is deadly for cats. The theobromine and caffeine that is present in this food is very toxic to cats and should be avoided. It can cause your cat to fall ill and develop symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and a high temperature. Though dark chocolate is known to be the worst kind for your cat to consume, all kinds of chocolate should be completely avoided

    5. Caffeine
    Caffeine is a very toxic chemical for cats and is present in cocoa products as well. Cats are very sensitive to this toxic chemical and it wouldn’t take very much for them to begin to feel ill, and develop signs of toxicity. Some of the symptoms of poisoning include seizures and tremors in cats

    Though it may be tempting to give your cat a treat, please keep in mind that human food can be extremely toxic to your cat companion and should be avoided. It may feel as though you’re rewarding your cat, but in fact, you’re harming them instead.

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