• Fly fishing trips are a must for anyone who adores fishing. One must plan fly fishing trips to make sure that one gets the most out of their fishing experience. This makes the trip more enjoyable!

    If you have a regular location where you always prefer to go for fly fishing, it may tend to bore you over time. So you must be open to new ideas!

    Figure out a new location for your fly fishing trip to delight yourself with new scenery and experience. You may come across new people. You might catch some new varieties of fish as well!

    Some variety would, no doubt, add to the delight. You may choose to fish at creeks in the backcountry. But, fishing in lakes could make for a refreshing alternative for fly fishing.

    Know the best season for going on fly fishing trips

    If you want to take a trip for fly fishing, it is preferable to avoid peak tourist season and instead go in a regular season. You will find more room for yourself, and fishing would be more refreshing.

    However, if you want to go for some regular sightseeing along with fly fishing, then the peak tourist season would be a fine time for your visit.

    When you consider the fishing season, you often prefer prime time. This prime time is the most lucrative time of the year for most of the fishing enthusiasts.

    In many places, April and May is the season when the creeks are full of water. It is during this season that taking a fly fishing trip can be an awesome experience!

    In colder places, the month of July may be the best time for fishing.

    Manage your time

    You are passionate about fly fishing, and you adore the sport. The feeling of ecstasy that catching fish brings with it is more or less unmatchable to anything else.

    If you are planning to spend a long day fishing, then the fatigue which takes over may end up making you feel drained out.

    One of the ways to go about it is planning a shorter duration for fishing if you have to drive a long distance to reach the place. You could make up for the lost time on the following day!

    This also gives you room for activities that make the entire trip more enjoyable. Find time for a nice meal at a table with an umbrella. Spend time at a fly shop. You may also drop by a historic location for a change. Or how about a short afternoon nap to refresh your senses?

    At times, lesser time spent fishing may be more enjoyable!

    Have an alternative in place

    You might have been on a lookout for delightful experience fishing at a lake. However, it might disappoint you if the lake freezes overnight.

    It is always advisable to keep two or three spots in mind as alternatives to choose from for your trip. This lets you make last minute changes whenever required!

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  • Selecting an appropriate holiday gift for your travel buff friends can be a simple affair only if you are aware of their required essentials. Moreover, your choice of gift should depend on the kind of traveler your friend is. The requirement for a trekker is different from the requirement of someone who is into adventure sports. However, there are certain gifts that every traveler would like to carry in his or her travel bag. Here’s a small list of the same.

    Here are some of the popular ideas for getting the best holiday gifts for travel buffs.

    Travel pillows

    These are needlessly one of the best holiday gifts for travel buffs, especially if they travel long distances. These travel pillows can be inflated or even deflated as and when required. One can easily fold them and carry them to any place they are traveling to. These pillows can be used on flights and even in trains. They are soft and comfortable and ensures a good night’s sleep. These are perfect for campers and trekkers as well.

    Body sling bag

    These body sling bags are small, lightweight bags that come with a number of compartments where one can neatly arrange small knick-knacks that he or she might need at the time of traveling. From loose cash and mobile phones to chargers, pins, safety pins, toothbrushes, antiseptic creams, and bandages, they can keep everything in this bag and take them out easily when needed.

    Scratch travel journal

    This will act as the perfect planner that can be used to plan the schedule of the day. It will also have special compartments where one can keep small mementos and tokens from their journeys. You can also preserve photographs from the vacation in this journal as memories.


    A sturdy and spacious backpack is the best holiday gift for travel buffs. This backpack will allow your travel enthusiastic friend to pack all his essentials in a single place and carry it on his back, which is comfortable and convenient. Backpacks are easy to carry and often the best option for people who travel a lot. The broad back shoulder straps allow the person to carry the load easily without straining their backs

    Waterproof wristwatch

    A waterproof watch is a great gift for someone who is into adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and the like.

    Shopping for a travel buff is simple and fun, given the fact that there a wide range of things that you can choose from. However, you must decide a gift depending on what kind of traveler your friend is. The best way to go about it is asking your friend what they need or which is the next place that they are planning to visit.

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  • Hunting in the primitive times has been one of the fundamental ways to procure food and skin for clothes. In the later ages of the human establishment, hunting served to procure raw materials such as animal skin and body parts for varied industries such as garments, leather, and medicines.

    In the contemporary times hunting has turned out to be a mere hobby, a relaxing leisure and a way to unwind from the daily routine. There are certain tips that must be kept handy so that you can have a safe and fruitful hunting travel.

    Things to remember on hunting travels

    The following are the basic rules for your successful and safe hunting travel.

    • Always be sure of the quality of the arms you are carrying. Irrespective of the kind of animal you are hunting be very candid about the rifle you will be using.
    • You need a good company in such hunting travels and also somebody to watch your back when in trouble especially true for beginners.
    • At the time of entering jungle use fluorescent bars and tie them on the trees of the trail that you use to get into the jungle. You can also use fluorescent sprays that can be sprayed on the trees of the trail such that they can help you to find your way back.
    • Do not use a dog collar that glows in the dark. You could think that such a device will help you to find your dog but in reality, it could attract the attention of other wild animals. Use a camouflaged dog collar with a hidden GPS.
    • Use a non-scented soap to bathe your dog.

    Popular hunting travel destinations

    Some of the popular hunting travel destinations are:

    • There is a large number of such hunting travel destinations in Europe such as England, Ireland Sweden, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Spain, and France. The eastern European countries are again great for the adventure seeking hunter.
    • New Zealand, Namibia, and South Africa are some of the famous hunting travel destinations outside Europe.
    • Greenland is yet again another favorite spot for hunting travel.
    • You can also try Canada and Alaska as potential hunting travel destinations.
    • The forest regions of central and Western Asia along with Russia can also offer you a variety of wild animals for hunting.

    With time and experience, you will understand that each animal has a specialty that must be borne in mind at the time of hunting. For example, rabbits come out in the dusk which is the ideal time for hunting them, for squirrel their inquisitive nature provides benefit to the hunter and for the buck you should not call out to them too often, this could confuse them. Seasoned hunters bear this information carefully in their mind for fruitful, enjoyable and safe hunting travels.

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  • There is always something unique about road trips. The open road, scenery changes, and fresh air, everything combines to make the trip quite innovative all the time. The possibilities of road trips are endless. It could be beaches, big city, mountains, Disney World, or any other place of your interest. A lot of planning is involved in setting out for a road trip. It is quite possible that you miss out something important in a rush. So, here is a checklist of all the must-haves for a road trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

    A lot of travelers love going on car rides to their favorite destinations instead of opting for public transportations. The experience is thrilling and unmatchable. So, if you also have such plans on your bucket list, then get ready to hit the roads with all the essentials packed.

    Here are some must-haves for a road trip.

    Travel apps

    Travel applications are your best friends while on road trips. You can get an easy GPS access via them and also find out great places on the way to eat and halt. Everything remains at the fingertips with these updated technology versions. The weather applications also help you in knowing when storms are about to hit or when is the sun going to become hard. Thus, you can take quick decisions before climatic changes.

    Travel playlist

    Your most-loved tunes are absolute must-haves for a road trip. Load your collections in CDs or an iPod much ahead of time, so that your mood always remains uplifted while driving. In some places, radio signals become sketchy, and then this collection comes as your savior.

    Food and snacks

    These are also essentials to pack in abundance while you are traveling for long on the road. Keep healthy snacks like pretzels, fruits, crackers, granola bars, nuts, etc. for those naughty cravings that you might get sometimes. Healthy and fresh sandwiches are also great road trip foods to avoid those junks on the trip. Few bottles of water and fresh juices are also a must.


    Stock your car with plenty of paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizers, and cleaning wipes. You can need these at any point in time.

    Common medicines

    Never forget antacids, pain relievers, and some other basic medications, which act as great remedies, if anyone in your group has motion sickness. Always keep a basic kit of the first-aid box in the car.

    Pillows, blankets, and comfortable clothing

    Keep your outfit and shoes as much comfortable as you can while you drive for long hours. Stocking few pillows and a blanket comes extremely handy if you have to stay up in some unfamiliar hotel by the roadside.


    Regardless of where you are traveling to, you cannot simply forget this. Keep the charges and extra storage units handy as these can be required at any time.

    This one is quite an exhaustive list of all the must-haves for a road trip. Nevertheless, your packing may vary as per your needs and choices. Sunglasses and sunblock creams are other essentials which you also need. See that you have packed all the items that are closely related to your safety, convenience, and entertainment, while on road trips.

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  • Taking a vacations always sounds like an exciting affair. However, there is more to vacations than just finding the right hotels at cheap rates and visiting local attractions and tasting the regional cuisines. Staying fit, safe, and healthy is probably the most crucial aspect that can help you to make the most out of your trip.

    While on vacation, no matter how much you enjoy and relax, some of the common diseases are something you will never want to contact and bring back home as memories.

    Given below are the diseases you don’t want to bring home from travel.

    • The warm wet tropical and the subtropical regions are known for their various mosquito triggered ailments such as malaria and dengue. This disease is also commonly known as bone breaking fever. These are ailments that are caused due to mosquito bites and are definitely some of the diseases you don’t want to bring home from travel. In both the cases, you can have a high fever, with nauseating feel. You can suffer from a harsh body ache that can make the pain excruciating. The fever can occur within one to two weeks from the insect bite. In many cases, if not treated well these common diseases like dengue and malaria have even caused a significant number of deaths.
    • There are a large number of water-generated diseases such as diarrhea. You can easily contract these diseases through consumption of infected water. Hence, whatever you do, please do not be adventurous or simply careless with the quality of the water that you drink. No matter how clean and dependable a natural source of water looks, please do not drink from it since it can end up you spending most of the time in your washroom. These diseases can be extremely annoying and can also continue for a while.
    • Hepatitis A is yet again another disease that can be commonly contracted through consumption of unclean food and water. A large number of such cases have been reported in Mexico and Colorado. This is, however, an ailment that is preventable through a vaccine.
    • Hepatitis B is transmitted through infected blood and bodily fluids, typically by having unprotected intercourse with an infected partner, but hep B can also be contracted by sharing hypodermic needles, tattoo equipment, razors, or other personal hygiene tools (i.e., nail trimmers) with an infected individual. Sources of caution are getting piercings or tattoos or even getting acupuncture if you’re uncertain of the cleanliness of the establishment or the proper sterilization of the equipment. Safe and effective vaccines to protect you against hepatitis B are available by your doctor prior to travel.
    • Hepatitis C can also be transmitted via infected blood with an already infected individual. Possible scenarios for contraction during travel may include sexual activities with a hep C positive individual. As well as sharing drug paraphernalia (i.e., needles), blood transfusions with unscreened blood, or getting tattoos and piercings with non-sterile equipment (i.e., acupuncture, dental procedures). Basically it’s unsafe to share any devices that can break the skin with a stranger. Although there is no vaccine to prevent hep C during travel, those who experience tell tale symptoms (i.e, jaundice of the skin and eyes, stomach pain, appetite loss, chronic fatigue, nausea, and dark colored urine) should seek immediate treatment to prevent serious liver disease (i.e., liver failure, cancer, or cirrhosis).
    • There are various vector-borne diseases and bacteria-borne ailments such as swimmer’s itch, which are the diseases that you don’t want to bring home from travel. You must stay away from adventurous dips into ponds and lakes no matter how tempting they look.

    In short, you must be responsible for all your enjoyment and take good care of your health. Now that you know these diseases you don’t want to bring home from travel, it is advisable that you take a proper bath in your hotel bathrooms, follow proper sanitation hygiene, drink good quality, bottled water, and eat clean and fresh food to stay healthy and fit while you are on a vacation.

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  • Enthusiastic travelers are always looking for new places of attraction, where they can go on their next expedition. Well, in this perspective, the world is filled with exciting prospects where you can get a large number of epic adventure travel destinations. These are the places that can offer you an adrenaline gushing experiences and a chance to witness some of the most breathtaking views of nature.

    Read on to know the 5 epic adventure travel destinations in world

    • The Lost World in Venezuela is a fascinating place of rolling grasslands, dense forests, and imposing sandstone table mountains, which are also referred to as ‘tepuis’. This is the region that inspired the classic ‘The Lost World’ from the celebrated author Conan Doyle. Visit this place to experience the rare natural beauty of this place and see unconventional plants and the very rare carnivorous frogs. The Angle Fall, plunging a good 3,200 feet, is yet again another attraction of the place.
    • The Australian Red Centre is another attraction for the global travel buffs. In the year 2002, this 140-mile stretch was opened as one of the top 5 epic adventure travel destinations of the world. It stretches between the region of Alice Springs and the Mount Sonder that progresses through the West MacDonnell ranges, known as the Larapinta Trail. Doing the full track takes a period of about two weeks, which is around 14 days. However, you can also go for a shorter trip.
    • Wadi Rum in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, is one of the 5 epic adventure travel destinations in the world. A visit to Wadi Rum should definitely be on your bucket list. This is a trail that will take you to ancient times of hidden canyons to the high summits of some of the most magnificent formations of Jordan. There is also the Burdah Bridge that is worth a visit.
    • The gorgeous Himalayas and the Stok Kangri and Ladakh are yet other adrenaline-gushing international travel destinations that are an all-time attraction for adventure-seeking travel buffs. This is a trek not meant for the weak ones and you will require some good amount of stamina to boot it down. You can visit some of the most beautiful villages and monasteries and eventually experience an exciting climb. The view of the sunrise from the Himalayas could be one of the most beautiful things that you have ever seen.
    • The Lake Tanganyika in Africa is another one of the 5 epic adventure travel destinations. The exciting destination is thronged by a large number of adventure travelers every year. An aircraft flight on top of this lake can be a really exhilarating and one of the best experiences in your life. This would offer you a super spectacular sight of the lake.

    So, the next time you start planning for an adventure trip, the 5 epic adventure travel destinations must be on your priority list.

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  • Living in a treehouse is a fantasy that is probably shared by every kid on this planet. This is one of the ultimate adventurous and thrilling experiences that every one of us grows up and lives with. So how about ditching the regular hotels and suite rooms for a thrilling stay at an equipped and intriguing-looking treehouse?

    In this article, we have made a list of the popular Airbnb treehouses that are super facilitated with all the modern facilities and amenities but can also provide a super exciting and gripping experience helping you to live your childhood fantasy.

    Here are some of the best Airbnb treehouses.

    • The secluded Intown Treehouse in Georgia is one of the best Airbnb treehouses that has a simply enchanting look. This treehouse is facilitated with three different rooms connected with each other through a rope bridge – adding double to the fun! This treehouse is just minutes away from the downtown Atlanta making it super commutable for any local requirement.
    • The treehouse Canopy Permaculture Farm in Florida is much of an animal lovers’ and an eco gardeners paradise. Located near Miami, this treehouse is a fine vision of the rich greenery and the abundance of nature. You can find goals, emus, pigs, cats, and roosters. The place is just minutes from the South Beach. You can find different farm fresh veggies, honey, and eggs for wholesome meals.
    • The Treehouse at the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is an interesting built amidst the lush green rainforest. The treehouse is located five minutes from the point of entrance to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The treehouse has some of the most modern facilities such as a hot tub and two verandahs at two levels.
    • If you are looking for a treehouse that will offer you a super view of the picturesque location around, then there can never be a better option than the treehouse above the bay of San Francisco. Located at a distance of twenty minutes from San Francisco, it is built around a historic 150-year-old oak tree.
    • The treehouse that is situated in the near vicinity of the Volcano National Park is a dreamy creation in Bamboo. The hanging bed at the ground level along with the wrap around verandah in the superset of a lush green forest is all that a nature lover and an adventure seeker can ask for.
    • The Whispering Wind Treehouse in New York is true to its name. Situated amidst lush greenery, this treehouse is the perfect place to relax and unwind. You can listen to the whispers of nature under the canopy of wilderness and relax your body and soul to perfection.

    These Airbnb treehouses are super accommodations that can help you enjoy a great blend of modern facilities and a taste of the pristine and pure nature around you.

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  • A vacation is an exciting time. New places, people, food, and many other things. It is the perfect relaxation you deserve. However, at times there is a considerable amount of traveling you need to do to get to that place.

    While traveling may be an adventure itself for a few, there are others who experience travel illness. This can even make the entire trip unpleasant at times. Unhealthy food is the main cause of an illness while traveling. When it comes to food, there are many things you can do to avoid travel illness. Some of it requires preparation but traveling without any problems will be worth all the effort.

    Here are a few things that can help you avoid travel illness.

    Wash your hands

    This may seem like something people do every day. But the fact is many people forget to do it, and this is the main reason behind most infections. Since you are traveling, you may come in contact with surfaces laden with infection. It’s always better to be safe and wash your hands often.

    Always drink bottled water

    Water is one of the leading reason behind most illnesses. The local water may not be suitable for you. It’s still safer to buy bottled water to avoid any chances of illness when you are traveling.

    Eat fresh food

    You might be excited about the different food you would come across while traveling. While it is alright to explore, one thing you can do is ensure that the food you eat is fresh. You must also ensure that you eat in proportion. Overeating might lead to uneasiness while traveling.

    Stay active

    Traveling involves staying in the same place for long. This can be tedious and might have an impact on your health. Make sure that you walk around for a bit and keep yourself active when you travel.

    Be aware of the climate

    Do some research about the environment in the place you are headed to. This way you can carry along a sweater or a sunscreen based on the requirement.

    Protect yourself from mosquitoes

    Most deadly diseases are caused by mosquito bites. It is always advisable to carry a mosquito net and repellent along with you wherever you go. These are all the more essential if you are going on a trek.

    Get vaccinated

    Prevention is always better than cure. So, it’s wise to get vaccinated based on the location you are traveling to. You can get information regarding the most critical vaccines to take before you start your journey. This way you will be armed and you can also avoid travel illness.

    Getting sick while traveling can be worst at times. You may not find a good place to rest or even a hospital. Taking things measures as mentioned above can help in keeping you safe from travel illnesses.

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  • You’re getting hitched to the love of your life very soon. Happy indeed, but you need to make some sacrifices—cut down your pub visits, lesser fun time with your pals, no impromptu weekend hiking trips and more. So, all the more necessary that you make the most of the weeks to have fun and enjoy to the core with your best mates, just before your wedding.

    It’s the ritual to host a bachelor party before the wedding and what is most important here is the place. Destination bachelor parties are the norm. While those who love gambling and fun may head out to Las Vegas, the adventure enthusiasts can plan out a trek to Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyon.

    It doesn’t make sense to move across the continent as it might get a lot expensive. While some cities are expensive, a few might be affordable. However, the cost of flying to that place might be expensive. So, factor all these before you decide your bachelor party destination. Here are some choicest bachelor party destinations. Choose one of these as per your budget.

    New Orleans

    If you want to enjoy nonstop partying, New Orleans is the perfect bachelor party destination. In fact, the city is known as the party hot spot, be it the extravagant New Year parties or the everyday parties at the hotels. The weather is great, food is unique, and the people are awesome.


    If your friends are beach lovers who drool over the sun and sand, Miami is the place to be in. The South Beach is where you head to. Miami beaches are the best, and the nightlife out there is simply spectacular. If you like to tee off, there are a good number of golf courses as well. Play the gentleman’s game during the day, while letting your wild side out at night. South Florida experiences awesome weather, and you can visit even in mid-January.


    Austin is the finest city in Texas, great food, live bands and stunning women is Austin’s USP. Party lovers will find numerous options to have a good time.

    Las Vegas

    If there is one place where it is a party with overloaded fun, it has to be Vegas. For all the gambling dens and strip clubs that it offers, Las Vegas tops the wish list for bachelor party destinations. It’s a guaranteed good time, and you will enjoy every minute out there.

    San Diego

    If you’re on a shoestring budget, worry not. You can have an enjoyable bachelor party. San Diego has fabulous beaches. Plus, it’s close to Tijuana, where you can have all the fun in the world.

    So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to one of these bachelor party destinations and have lifetime’s worth of fun.

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