• Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder. The disorder causes a poor quality of sleep. Sleep apnea results in a deficiency of oxygen in the body. One of the most common symptoms is uncontrollable pauses in breaths and short or shallow breaths in sleep. It might cause you to wake up suddenly as well.

    Common symptoms

    Sleep apnea usually interrupts one’s breathing during sleep, sometimes as many as 20-30 times in an hour. You might be suffering from sleep apnea if you wake up startled and gasping for air.
    The uncomfortable breathing caused by sleep apnea may also lead to symptoms such as fatigue, snoring, disturbed sleep, anxiety, or even choking.

    Long-term risks

    You must not leave sleep apnea untreated. It can develop into a grave medical condition as well as cause long term health problems.
    Some of the long-term risks associated with sleep apnea are heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction, and short term memory loss. Fatigue due to interrupted sleep may also cause accidents while driving, poor work performance, and higher vulnerability to diseases.

    Sleep apnea remedies

    Exercise for Good Health

    Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Obesity increases the risk of sleep apnea as it downgrades breathing capability by affecting the throat muscles.
    If you are overweight, you should consider shedding about 10% of your body weight. Losing weight helps reduce the inflammation of the throat muscle.

    Avoid alcohol, sedatives and smoking

    Alcohol interferes with sleep quality. It disturbs the uvula and palate, which are needed to regularize breathing.
    Smoking may cause inflammation and fluid retention in the respiratory system. Be careful with sedatives as well because they may exaggerate the symptoms of sleep apnea.

    Get cough, acid reflux and nasal congestion treated

    If you develop a cough, nasal congestion, or an acid reflux, you should get it treated immediately. These conditions cause breathing difficulties and often worsen sleep apnea.
    Take the vapor treatment to get rid of nasal congestion. Eat healthy and stay away from food that might cause allergies. Try resting your head on a higher level while sleeping.

    Humidify your bedroom

    Humidifying your bedroom may help you ease sleep apnea symptoms. Get a humidifier, as it may help decrease snoring and make breathing easier and clearer by lessening congestion.
    Elevating your head may also help by reducing snoring. It also relieves one’s discomfort to an extent. Massage your chest with natural oils such as eucalyptus oil before going to sleep. Natural oils naturally open up the airways. Take regular massages to soothe a stuffy throat or a nasal block.

    You should consult your physician without delay if natural remedies do not help. Follow a healthy diet and good sleeping habits. Avoid exposure to entities that may cause allergies. Exercise regularly to keep your weight in check and stay active.

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  • You can never get enough of the cool celebrity style, and following it for many of us has become a mandate these days. Whether it is a grand event or an airport look, celebrities nail it any time, any day! You might not look exactly like them but can get some personal styling tips by following your favorite celebrity look. The trend is changing with the celebrities, and fashion designers are creating the same to capture the millennial wardrobe. However, the style is getting back to the 90s and becoming cool with comfortable outfits and collection. Listed below are some of the cool celebrity styles you could try for yourself.

    Adorn your look with chokers

    : Just wearing the right clothes don’t give you a perfect look. You may wear simple jeans and top, but pairing it with the right accessories can do the celebrity look good. Chokers highlight your neck area and also amp up your clothing style. Chokers would give you a classy and trendy look, and the choker style can change with your outfit and occasion.

    Show the boots off the jeans

    : This is one of the cool celebrity styles where the denim is above the ankle, and your cool boots are shown. It gives a stylish and classy look when you are in the least mood of getting ready. The jeans can vary according to your comfort as the boots take away the show. To nail the celebrity look, having a pair of boots in your wardrobe becomes necessary.

    Consider off-shoulders

    : To look simple yet classy, the best and easiest they do is a half or a cold shoulder that enhances their neck and at the same time gives an elegant look. Pairing an off-shoulder top with any ripped, plain jeans or a pant will complete the look of the day.

    Add denim to your look

    : Celebrities are investing more in their denim, and for mastering the cool celebrity style, you should denim it out. It could be a dress or a shirt; the denim gives a trendy and effortless look. This can be worn in a midday meeting or for an occasion as simple as coffee. Denim look is undemanding and can ace your casual wear like nothing else.

    Go for jumpsuits

    : The 90s favorite is back to dazzle the celebrity look. They are comfortable and classy fitting any occasion and can be worn at any point of the day. Styling your jumpsuit with accessories will enhance your look. The men love their joker suits for the undemanding apparel value it adds, and women prefer it for the effortless style it shows.

    Following a cool celebrity style is an art that can be mastered but keep in mind one thing, the more comfortable you are, the more stylish you will be!

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  • Loss of hair causing a receding hairline and even baldness is a very commonly encountered cosmetic problem, especially in men.

    We must understand that luxuriant hair growth is usually dependent on heredity, but is also largely influenced by the nutritive quality of food, lifestyles as well as stress.

    Impending baldness may be indicated by excessive hair fall when shampooing, rinsing or combing.

    Many men do regard baldness as a serious issue as it affects their appearance, personality and confidence. Because of these, brands have come up with tempting hair transplant surgery. These surgeries do come with a price. Hence, one should possibly consider hair transplant after giving some of these simple and easy to try natural remedies a shot.

    First of all, the most obvious of natural remedies for hair fall and baldness is to shift to a diet that is rich in proteins, fruits and other macro and micro nutrients. Foods that have a cooling effect on the body such as tender coconut water may also be included in the diet.

    Regular application of and gentle massage using oils like castor seed oil or coconut oil is believed to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

    Applying the beaten up yolk of egg on to the hair roots a little while before bathing is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies to strengthen the hair and make it less brittle.

    Dermatological issues such as dandruff may also result in hair loss. Application of lemon juice is popular among the anti hair loss natural remedies. Lemon juice may be added to aloe vera gel or even to coconut oil and applied over the hair roots using a ball of cotton. It must be rinsed well after about 30 minutes.

    Juice extracted from onions or shallots, which are rich in sulphur is believed to be very effective as an antibacterial agent that not only keeps the scalp free of bacteria but also is believed to enhance blood circulation in the hair follicles. Onion juice can be applied raw or in an oil base and rinsed off well with water and a gentle shampoo after a while.

    Yoghurt which is naturally considered to be rich in protein is one of the tried and tested natural remedies to condition the hair. The inclusion of yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese and other protein rich foods like chickpeas as part of your daily diet can also promote hair growth.

    While there are indeed many natural remedies for hair loss, do remember that at times excessive hair loss may indicate some other underlying issue that needs to be treated medically. If the issue still persists even after these tips, make sure you consult a specialist to prevent any further damage.

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  • The NFL-style playbook is like a holy book to every quarterback. Each of them carries this veritable tome of paper bound by hard cover as a treasure trove of calls made of secret moves, pass formations, runs, receiver routes, and route trees to hoodwink the opponent.

    My playbook

    The NFL is a hugely competitive game where a suddenly executed hitherto secret call from the opposing quarterback can outdo carefully planned moves. Be it offense or defense, there can be so many moves. The opponent team is aware of the common moves. However, what about the moves that nobody knows about? The unique moves, pass formations, runs, routes? That is what you can carry in your NFL-style playbook. Such moves are carefully scripted by coaches and quarterbacks and are a result of their painstaking effort after every actual and video session. Your NFL-style playbook is unique and should be kept a secret lest the opponent should get an idea about your secret calls.

    The role of quarterbacks

    Quarterback is the leader of the offensive team and is responsible for calling the play. He stands directly behind the offensive line and directs the offense. However, he divulges his gameplay one by one so that the opponent is taken by surprise. He has to memorize all the moves that have been carefully drafted during the preseason encounters, training sessions, and video sessions. This is why the quarterback is one of the most glorified personalities in the entire NFL. A devious quarterback will also take the lead himself and run with the ball as part of game play from NFL-style playbook.

    Editions of the playbook

    An NFL-style playbook is like a dictionary and contains well over 500 pages. However, what sets them apart from dictionaries is that they need to be revised and reprinted almost every week. You would need about 100 copies for your team. Each team member needs to learn the moves from them, but it is the quarterback who has to memorize the selected calls.

    A versatile playbook

    A playbook that showcases both offensive and defensive play moves is the most versatile one. You need solid run schemes, passing formations, receiver running routes, etc., as part of the offensive playbook. The goal of the offensive team is to score. However, at crunch points, the goal is also to keep the ball in possession so that the opponent does not get any time to score. Similarly, the goal of the opponent is to prevent you from scoring. So as part of the defense team, you also need to learn strategies for run defense and pass defense. Depending on what you need, there are a variety of NFL-style playbooks. Get a copy for yourself and start devising strategies for your team. Make it a unique one by scribbling down strategies from videos of games and preseason games of your own team.

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  • Travel buffs across the world are always looking for new destinations that will help them satiate their quest for new natural and cultural wonders of the planet.

    We help you to point out some of the best undiscovered travel destinations that can prove to be super attractions for your upcoming vacation expeditions.

    Some of the best undiscovered travel destinations in the world are as follows:

    • The Colca Canyon Peru is one of the first destinations that we would like to point out in your list of the best undiscovered travel destinations on this planet. This is a spot that often gets overshadowed by the Machu Picchu of the region. Colca Canyon is located at about 100 miles from Arequipa. This canyon is twice in its depth as Grand Canyon. You can also take notice of Andean Condor, which is a stunning bird of the Canyon.
    • The Margaret River in Australia is another undiscovered travel destination that can offer you an adrenaline-gushing experience. This river on the western coast is also a popular wine region and can also offer you great opportunities for caving, surfing, gallery hopping, and hiking.
    • The Old Perithia in Corfu is a small mountain that dates back to as old as the Byzantine Era in the 14th century. You can rent a vehicle so that you can drive around the place and see the place from close range.
    • The Banaue in the Philippines is an amazingly beautiful place that can give you a vision of 2,000 years-old rice terraces. This place has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
    • The Blue Spring State Park in Florida is yet again another potential item on the list of the best undiscovered travel destinations of the world. The place is located near the Orange City and is located at a distance of 45 minutes from Orlando. You can see a spectacular refuge of the manatee which is maintained by the park. A tour of the St John’s River can also give you a good idea about the local ecology.
    • The wineries of Morocco can offer you a different experience altogether and can take you to a different time zone. The culture of the place is mostly governed by the Islamic belief. You can also taste the traditional mint tea. The vineyards of Colliers de Meknes and that of Domaine de la Zouina can transport you to ancient times.
    • For all, you nature lovers, the quaint, picturesque island of Monte Argentario in Italy is the perfect destination. This island must not be missed from your list of best undiscovered travel destinations.

    The next time you start planning your vacations, make a good note of the places mentioned above.

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