NFL style playbook
  • 02 Jan, 2018

    The NFL-style playbook is like a holy book to every quarterback. Each of them carries this veritable tome of paper bound by hard cover as a treasure trove of calls made of secret moves, pass formations, runs, receiver routes, and route trees to hoodwink the opponent.

    My playbook

    The NFL is a hugely competitive game where a suddenly executed hitherto secret call from the opposing quarterback can outdo carefully planned moves. Be it offense or defense, there can be so many moves. The opponent team is aware of the common moves. However, what about the moves that nobody knows about? The unique moves, pass formations, runs, routes? That is what you can carry in your NFL-style playbook. Such moves are carefully scripted by coaches and quarterbacks and are a result of their painstaking effort after every actual and video session. Your NFL-style playbook is unique and should be kept a secret lest the opponent should get an idea about your secret calls.

    The role of quarterbacks

    Quarterback is the leader of the offensive team and is responsible for calling the play. He stands directly behind the offensive line and directs the offense. However, he divulges his gameplay one by one so that the opponent is taken by surprise. He has to memorize all the moves that have been carefully drafted during the preseason encounters, training sessions, and video sessions. This is why the quarterback is one of the most glorified personalities in the entire NFL. A devious quarterback will also take the lead himself and run with the ball as part of game play from NFL-style playbook.

    Editions of the playbook

    An NFL-style playbook is like a dictionary and contains well over 500 pages. However, what sets them apart from dictionaries is that they need to be revised and reprinted almost every week. You would need about 100 copies for your team. Each team member needs to learn the moves from them, but it is the quarterback who has to memorize the selected calls.

    A versatile playbook

    A playbook that showcases both offensive and defensive play moves is the most versatile one. You need solid run schemes, passing formations, receiver running routes, etc., as part of the offensive playbook. The goal of the offensive team is to score. However, at crunch points, the goal is also to keep the ball in possession so that the opponent does not get any time to score. Similarly, the goal of the opponent is to prevent you from scoring. So as part of the defense team, you also need to learn strategies for run defense and pass defense. Depending on what you need, there are a variety of NFL-style playbooks. Get a copy for yourself and start devising strategies for your team. Make it a unique one by scribbling down strategies from videos of games and preseason games of your own team.

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