apple watch series 3
  • What is new in the Apple watch series 3

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is the third-generation model of the Apple Watch, which was introduced on September 12, 2017, and was released alongside the I-phone 8 on September 22, 2017. The Apple Watch Series 3 is elated in every way possible as it acts as a smart activity coach, an enhanced heart rate app, has your favorite playlist right at your wrist, serves as a built-in altimeter and also provides a more responsive Siri experience. Amazing, isn’t it? Right from Apple’s first watch launch to its current series, Apple has made significant changes in terms of better connection through its features. The Apple Watch Series 3 helps you to be more active, stay motivated and better connected at all times.

    The Apple watch series 3 as the ultimate sports watch

    The Apple watch series 3 has a built-in GPS and a new altimeter that enables to track all your outdoor workouts. The GPS records the speed, speed and route of your outdoor workouts and the altimeter tracks elevation during your highest climbs. A more detailed statistics of your workout is available on your iPhone for your convenience. It comes with an updated app that includes high-intensity interval training and also enables you to auto-set swimming laps. The high-intensity interval training also helps you track popular indoor and outdoor workouts like running, cycling and swimming. This comes in handy when you are doing back to back workouts; you can easily switch from one activity to another and view the comprehensive summary at the end of your workout. You can also pair your Apple watch to any gym equipment with just a tap. This allows you to keep important metrics like heart rate, speed, and calories in sync thereby ensuring that your workout results are accurate. With the Apple Watch Series 3 you will be able to visualize your progress with your workout. Just like all the other activities that you do throughout the day, your workout also counts towards closing your Move, Exercise and Stand rings. You can view your ring and check out your workout history on your iPhone. Moreover, the Apple watch series 3 is swim proof and tracks both pool and open-water workouts. Sound vibrations eject water from the speaker after you are done swimming. The Apple Watch Series 3 as your iPod: With the Apple Watch Series 3 you can carry more music with you wherever you go. Your favorite Apple Music playlists are automatically synced to your watch, hence enabling you to enjoy your music on the go.

    The Apple watch series 3 as a powerful health tool

    As the Apple watch is always with you it can help you be more aware of your overall health by monitoring your heart rate, helping you to keep tabs on your water intake at specific intervals.

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