Common Eyebrow Grooming Mistakes

In today’s beauty world, having bold eyebrows is an essential component of a put together makeup look. Some people may find themselves feeling left out of this trend as their eyebrows are too thin. Others may deal with the opposite problem and have eyebrows that are very thick and create an unsightly unibrow! Do not fear. Here are some everyday eyebrow mistakes and their incredibly helpful solutions:

1. Trying to make brows identical

Have you ever heard the phrase your eyebrows are sisters, not twins? This rings true in the beauty world. Trying to make your eyebrows identical will always look unnatural and uncanny. We have so many unique features to our face and no two parts of our bodies are completely identical. When plucking your eyebrows, follow the natural curve of each eyebrow and do not get overly concerned with making them “even”. Of course, you want some resemblance or likeness with the thickness level and arch but keep to the natural contours of the hairs in order to achieve a more natural look. 

2. Too dark brow filler

If you have light colored or thin eyebrows, filling them in with an eyebrow pencil, gel, or shadow is a perfect solution. However, while your aim is to darken your brows so they can appear visible, it is easy to overdo it and create stark lines with brow filler that is simply too dark. There is a handy trick to avoid this common pitfall. Experts suggest using an eyebrow product that is a shade lighter than your hair color to achieve an effortless brow look. Lighter tones can be more forgiving when applied to the face. The color should complement your face and hair and not be so overpowering. For example, if you have black hair, use a dark brown shade for your eyebrows and not black itself.

3. Over-plucking

It is a rite of passage to over-pluck your eyebrows in your teenage years. You desire a more refined look and want to get rid of the stray eyebrow hairs encroaching on your eyelid. Unfortunately, over-plucking your eyebrows may damage their shape forever. Hair regrowth may be stubborn in over-plucked areas. Have no fear. You can use a brand of Revitalash eye makeup in order to correct this problem. Revitalash Revitabrow is a quality product; an eyebrow conditioning serum used to strengthen your eyebrow hairs. This will allow your eyebrow hairs to naturally have a thicker and fuller appearance. It is gentle on skin and protects against hair breakage. It is available at cosmetic stores as well as dermatology offices. This product can be a life-saver if you want bold and beautiful brows but have damaged them due to over-plucking.

4. Using the wrong brush

An artist needs the appropriate tools to make a masterpiece. The same is true for your face. You need to use the correct tools in order to achieve a flawless and timeless look. Using the wrong eyebrow brush can definitely result in messy and unnatural lines on your brows. The solution is to use a thin and angled makeup brush in order to let the brush strokes appear more natural. Follow the direction of your existing eyebrow hairs and use the thin, angled brush in quick light strokes. You will have stunning brows in no time.

5. Not blending

Another common error while filling in brows is quickly using a brow pencil or powder to fill in the brows and not taking the time to entirely blend the product. We naturally tend to press harder in certain places than others which leads to an excess of product at certain points in the brow. Be sure to use a spoolie brush to blend the product in order to avoid brows that look too harsh or spotty.

Managing and treating rheumatoid arthritis is difficult. A person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis undergoes joint pain in their hands, feet, knees, and shoulders on an everyday basis.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help control rheumatoid arthritis to some extent. Though chronic rheumatoid arthritis is not curable, doctors can prescribe administrative medications that control or minimize further damage to the joints.

Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis

Doctors may suggest a surgical intervention, therapy, and medication together, as the effective treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis. Once rheumatoid arthritis is detected, the doctor can prescribe Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs) such as methotrexate, leflunomide, hydroxychloroquine, and sulfasalazine, which may gradually slow the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and also prevent other affected tissues from further damage.

The main and important objective for any doctor while treating rheumatoid arthritis is to ease the stiffness around joints and prevent any damage to the nerves. The treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis are DMARDs, Corticosteroids, Biologics, Analgesics, and Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

  • Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs)

    These are entry-level or basic treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatologists start with methotrexate drug to treat joint inflammation. Methotrexate can be used in combination with other medications like hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine for better results.

  • Biologics

    Biologics work through injection, Intravenous (IV) shots and pills. They help control your immune system and reduce inflammation as well. Your rheumatologist will decide which route works best for your immune system to avoid any potential side effects. When you are on biologics, you do not stand a chance for any infection. Biologics are a little more expensive than DMARDs. Some healthcare providers also offer discounts on biologics.

  • Corticosteroids

    As the name suggests, this is a steroid drug, which is administered if the condition is severe. As this drug is powerful, it cannot be given in high dosages. Doctors give corticosteroids for a shorter duration, especially if a patient experiences sudden arthritis swelling or flare-up. This treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis comes with the risk of side effects such as weight gain, diabetes, osteoporosis, and infections.

  • Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

    Commonly used as a quick pain reliever worldwide, NSAIDs can also be used as a treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis. However, NSAIDs also come with their share of side effects, such as stomach ulcers, blood pressure, and heart diseases.

  • Analgesics

    Analgesics are lighter versions of NSAIDs. At times, due to arthritis flare-up or intense swelling, the patient can experience stomach ulcers or have an upset stomach. In such cases, these analgesics act as short-term pain relievers to dull your pain.

  • All the above treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis work as long as you take your medications regularly. They can help you control joint swelling and pain.
  • Surgical intervention

    This is the last resort if medications are causing side effects or majorly affecting your immunity. The most commonly performed surgery is hip or knee replacement.

Treating rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term goal and has to be started as soon as you experience a sign or symptom.

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There’s just something about a classic pick up truck. As far as stature and power, the following trucks led the way as far as impressive styling, engine power, hauling and off road capabilities that, no doubt, inspired the design of many pickups on the road today.

Here’s our list of the six most tried and true pickup trucks in history:

1. Ford Baja Bronco

When I was a kid, all the cool teens had a Ford Bronco, but those with a limited edition Baja Bronco were king of the road. Why? As far as off-roading capabilities, the Baja offered a powerful 302-cid V8 paired with a C4 automatic, plus drivers got a impressive boost due to the high cut rear wheel wells and flares, which left ample room for huge tires. The Baja screamed daring adventure roll cage and special enhancements made to offer heavy-duty suspension.

2. Ford SVT Raptor

Ford longed to take their classic F150 off-road, but it took until 2009 for them to create the Raptor, a pick up that offered smooth driving and handling and four-wheeling on even the most extreme desert terrain. Not to mention, this truck could haul an 8000-pound trailer. No problem! Offered in a SuperCrew cab and SuperCab configuration, the Raptor also featured a 4WD system based on the standard F-150, plus urethane bump stops and internal-bypass Fox Racing shocks, which allowed for smooth-riding suspension over the roughest roads and highest jumps.

3. GMC-Chevy-Napco

More of a conversion kit than a model truck, Napco (otherwise known as the Northwest Auto Parts Company) made up for the fact that 1950s pickups didn’t come in 4WD (opposed from Dodge). So Napco designed a 4WD offered a conversion kit that let Chevy, Fords, and GMC owners get the 4WD power they longed for. By the year 1957, pick up manufacturers finally caught on and began installing Napco Power-Pak 4WD conversions on their assembly line pick ups.

4. Dodge Ram

While GM and Ford enthusiasts may have issue with this truck, one can hardly match the ruggedness of the Dodge Ram of the early 90’s with it’s Cummins diesel engine. In fact, you can still witness the impact of this redesigned Ram on many GM and Ford trucks to this day, with it’s “big rig” styling.

5. Ford F-250 “Highboy”

Prior to the Ford F-150, the Highboy was king of the Ford pick up empire. A tough-as-nails truck renowned for it’s ultra-rugged driving capabilities on any terrain, the Highboy was named for its sky-high frame and 35-inch tall tires that was inches taller than any Jeep, Dodge, or GM on the market. After 1977, the Highboy was considered a “Lowboy” as it was constructed at least 2-inches lower, which is why the original pre-1977 model is now considered a collector’s item.

6. Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge

When a celebrity race car driver pairs up with an auto manufacturer, sometimes the results can be disappointing, which was sort of the case when Rod Hall collaborated with Chrysler to birth the Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge pick up truck. Only 33 of these beauties were made, and despite the Dodge Ram 150 base design, bed-mount light bar and driving lights, and slick pre-runner front and rear bumpers, for some reason Dodge plopped in a whimpy 318-cid V8 with only 170 hp. Despite the fact, this truck continues to be a collector’s item among pick up truck buffs.

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The pickup truck is synonymous with America. It’s tough. It works hard. And it has no problem getting dirty to get the job done. This is likely why the pickup truck continues to be among the best selling vehicle in North America. Regardless of if you’re part of team Dodge, Ford, or Chevy, you know that owning a truck offers a truly unique driving experience compared to any sedan, small compact, or even an SUV.

Here are our top reasons to super-size your driving experience to a pickup truck:

1. Tons of room

If it’s room you desire, ignore any desires to buy a sleek, compact car and turn to a pickup instead. Seriously, a recent Chevy Silverado offers ample legroom and cargo space for a comfortable daily commute or road trip because who wants a leg cramp to start the work day. Passengers can literally stretch their legs out in a roomy four full pickup truck with ample room for tools and everything you need.

2. Safest drive on the road

Perhaps power and hauling capabilities are your biggest concern when thinking about pickup truck ownership. However, believe it or not safety is a huge benefit of pickup truck ownership. positive! Think about the safety features built in to most full-size trucks—you get a caged cab, vehicle stability, safety seatbelt systems, side impact protection, and even trailer sway control already built into your vehicle.

3. Towing capacity

Sure, if you own a pickup truck you kind of open yourself up to helping every single person you know move house. However, when it comes to hauling your own stuff, you can’t go wrong with a pickup truck. Take a truck like the Chevy Silverado for example, you can suddenly haul up to 12,000 pounds no problem thanks to the impressive torque and horsepower. Suddenly your vehicle can easily transition from work truck to off road camping vehicle of your dreams.

4. Look at that view

If it’s a boost you want, a pickup is your best bet when it comes to the best visibility on the road. The height of a standard pickup truck cabin permits a view over most other vehicles on the highway. Is that a traffic jam 6 blocks ahead? Luckily, you’ll be able to see it and take a quick detour if you drive a pickup. Not to mention, the cab of a pick up offers the driver and all passengers all-round visibility, front, back and side thanks to huge rear and side-view mirrors.
Leading us into the next reason why trucks are such great vehicles.

5. Feel the power

Putting aside all jokes about overcompensating, there is little doubt that many individuals choose to drive a pickup for the sheer power it offers. While Ford, Chevy, and GM differ as far as horses under the hood, most current trucks offer between 350- to 440-horsepower (hp) if you consider a Ford F-250 or a Dodge Ram.

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Pickup trucks represent the American dream. And while car buyers have vered from SUV to sports coupe over the past few years, pickup truck buffs tend to harken to the past when it comes to sticking with their love of the classic pickup truck. Many of the following classic trucks in good condition sell for a pretty steep price among collectors.

Here are four of the most coveted collectible pickup trucks:

1. 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

Considered neither a car nor a truck, the Bronco was unique as far a broaching the needs of both a car and a truck driver, which explains it’s motto “the best of both worlds”. This cube shaped truck debuted for 1966 in rudimentary form for a mere $2400 (base model). However, it was the impressively wide (at 92-inches) wheelbase that offered serious off roading, smooth highway driving, and extreme towing capabilities in a single vehicle. Touted literally as a sports car with 4-wheel drive, the Bronco was mounted on coil springs and outfitted with a V8 engine that could literally take drivers from camping to off roading while offering the style and comfort of a family wagon. Today, this year range of Ford Bronco retails for $25k plus.

2. 1948 Ford F-1

Behold the inaugural Ford F-series pickup. Think of it as the crown of America’s trucking obsession. Considering this Ford series has ranked in the best-selling for decades, many pickup truck owners are still firmly planted in the Ford camp thanks to this very vehicle. If you’re lucky enough to find a 1948 Ford F1 for sale, you can expect to pay upwards of $30K depending on condition and customizations.

3. 1946-1968 Dodge Power Wagon

Looking at this truck, there’s little wonder that it was originally designed in the early 1940’s for military purposes. However, the Dodge Power Wagon caught on in the mainstream market due to its ability to travel virtually anywhere. The impressive 4×4 capabilities of this truck was so good that it there were no revisions until it was discontinued in 1968. If you spot one, expect to pay $45k or more!

4. 1971-1972 Chevrolet C10/C20 Cheyenne Super

It was called the “Super” for good reason. This high-option, everyday use pickup truck boosted unique interior design with a/c, tach dash, power brakes and steering, headliners, and tilt columns. Plus, the exterior could be costoumize with special paint and trim. Find one and expect to pay up to $30k for a model in good condition with lots of options.

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