• Side stitch, which is also known as side ache or side cramp, is an intense stabbing pain that occurs right under the lower edge of the ribcage. It is usually experienced while exercising. This debilitating pain usually occurs on the right side and restricts your movement for a while. This pain can range from a small cramp to a sharp stabbing sensation. Side stitches occur frequently in beginner runners than expert runners. Influenced heavily by breathing, side stitches can also be caused due to improper blood flow. If a side stitch does not fade away after running, then it needs immediate medical attention.

    What causes side stitches?

    The most definite cause of side stitches is uncertain and still under speculation. However, it is strongly believed to be the effect of irregular breathing and increased blood flow. Irregular or fast breathing causes improper blood flow, which causes the diaphragm to cramp. This further results in a pull of adjoining muscles, causing a tugging sensation under the ribs. Imbalance of electrolytes in the blood might also cause side stitches to occur.

    Other major beliefs include the stretching of visceral ligaments due to repetitive vertical movement of the body as well as the irritation in the inner cavity of the abdomen.

    Possible ways to avoid side stitches during runs

    1. Light breakfast

      Consuming heavy diet before a run is a terrible idea since the flow of blood will be concentrated on digesting the food. Have a light breakfast that is low in fiber and fat. Do not drink juices that are high in sugar content.

    2. Proper warm up

      Do warm ups regularly to tone your body and make it more resilient to failure and cramps. Breathing exercises, yoga, and pilates are excellent ways to warm your body up before a run as they help in controlling untroubled breathing while running. A proper warm up also helps strengthen your muscles.

    3. Managing breathing patterns

      In order to avoid side stitches during running, it is important to control your breathing patterns according to your pace. Learn to match your breathing along with your strides. Focus on your breathing patterns to improve the efficiency of oxygen transport in your system.

    4. Upper body movements

      The stronger your upper body is, the lesser side stitches you develop. Exercise regularly to keep your upper body fit and strong. This helps in maintaining the proper flow of blood and keeping your muscles firm. Regular exercise helps in strengthening your internal organs and making them less prone to cramps.

    5. Stretching exercises

      Stretching exercises will help in relieving tension in your body. These exercises will also help in free flow of oxygen and blood into internal organs of your body. This results in making your body light and fit for you to run long distances.

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  • Working out on a daily basis is integral for healthy living. This is one of the facts that has been quantified by a large number of relevant sources. You will also find a large number of people across the world who follow the rule of thumb of keeping at least one hour daily for their workout routine.

    In most cases, people say that they experience quick weight loss in the first phase, after which there comes a plateau, and the results are not progressive. This often frustrates the person who follows a particular workout routine.

    In an explanation to this, experts have opined that your body, after a certain point in time, gets used to the workout routine that you follow. As a result, the process of burning of fat and loss of weight slackens in its speed.

    The best way to achieve a steady rate of progress is through changing the modules of your workout routines. This change could be obtained by blending various types of techniques of the workout.

    Different workout routines and techniques

    There are several techniques and processes of working out, they are listed as follows

    · Aerobic

    · Yoga

    · Cardiovascular exercises

    · Jogging

    · Brisk walking

    · Weight lifting

    · Cycling

    · Gym

    People who follow any of the above procedures have reported that the results they experienced in the initial stages did undergo a decline in the later period when there came a standstill in their progress.

    In an answer to this, experts have said that we have different parts in the human body, and that each one of us has different reasons for working out. Often, you can have multiple reasons for following a specific workout routine. You might want to cut down on excess fat and develop muscles. Both of their aims are different and require different sets of workout routines. Hence, to attain multiple but specific results, it is imperative that you must mix two or more different techniques of exercising and develop a certain workout routine that will offer you an all-round solution.

    Some of the best mixes of working out techniques are listed as follows

    · Mix Jogging and Yoga

    · Mix Aerobics and Yoga

    · Mix Gym and Brisk Walking

    · Mix Yoga and brisk walking

    Whatever could be the mix, keep in mind that the two varieties must be unique and much different from each other. For example, if you mix jogging and brisk walking, you are unlikely to achieve a good result.

    To get the best results, it is important that you proceed with the advice of a doctor. This will allow you to choose the best set of alternatives that will help you to achieve the desired physical state as well as lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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  • Many people find it difficult and frustrating to bulk and gain muscles. This usually is due to following a wrong routine or a routine that is not appropriate for them. Bulking up does not come naturally, and it needs certain sacrifices and strict discipline to follow a strict training regime. The body type and genetic factors of an individual play a major role in fitness, and so does the diet. Following the wrong routine does more harm than good to your body. That being said, only workouts and physical training will not get you the body physique you desire. Nutrition is important and should be strictly followed on a regular basis.
    Here are some nutritious foods that will help you bulk up and attain your desired result in no time:


    Salmon is full of healthy fat and is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that are healthy and essential for clean bulking. Include salmon in your everyday diet to achieve better results. It also has Omega -3 supplements that will help in the joint care and in the cardiovascular health of your body.


    Avocado has the right type of fats that are an essential contributor to healthy bulking. Just like Salmon, Avocado also has monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help prevent the redistribution of body fats and control the building of muscles.

    Coconut milk

    Coconut milk is a great muscle builder. Include coconut milk in your diet in various forms to help the triglycerides in them to aid you bulk up.


    Oats are a great source of complex carbohydrates that can really help you bulk up. Oats are a good source of fiber that can not only aid digestion but more importantly also give a sustained release of energy, which is perfect for a pre workout meal.


    Quinoa contains starchy carbohydrates and all the essential calories needed for healthy muscle building. Quinoa can be served either warm or cold, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has a higher than usual protein content for a grain. It also contains the nutrient zinc that is needed for optimal testosterone production in your body required for gaining muscles.

    Lean beef

    When it comes to bulking up, sources of protein are the most important. Red meat is a great source of healthy fats and protein, which when consumed regularly can help in the growth of muscle mass. Getting an adequate amount of iron is essential especially while building muscles and training hard. Include dishes that include lean beef to get the perfect healthy bulk up.

    Whole eggs

    Eggs are high in healthy cholesterol and are great contributors to muscle building. They are a good source of fat and protein in your everyday diet. Making an omelette of a whole egg or simply a scrambled egg is a great way to bulk up.

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  • The benefits of working out are known to all. Here are some of the effective exercises and workout tips from male celebs with great bodies.

    David Harbour workout for a bulky body

    David Harbour is known for his role in Hellboy, a hit franchise that showcased him in a bulky, strong body. Here is the workout routine to get this look.

    • Start with a deadlift and do a set of 5. Repeat this set 5 times.
    • Suitcase crunch while carrying a weight that slightly challenges you. Do a set of 5 and repeat it 5 times over.
    • Bench press for a set of 5 and repeat it 5 times.
    • Kettlebell squat is very helpful for overall strength and tones your arms and legs. Repeat a set of 5 for 5 times.

    Jason Bourne-inspired Matt Damon workout

    This look can be acquired mainly by doing bodyweight workouts and following the workout tips from male celebs.

    Here is the breakup of the same:

    • Start with 300 push ups
    • Continue with 325 pull-ups
    • For leg muscles do 50 squats
    • Follow with additional 50 pistol squats
    • For strength, do 50 squat jumps
    • For toning the body, do 100 crunches

    Do not do them continuously. Instead, do small sets repeatedly to achieve the given numbers.

    Superman-inspired Henry Cavill workout

    Who doesn’t want to look like the Superman? The most iconic superhero after all. Henry Cavill went through a fat-burning workout to get the superhero look. It comprises of regular 3-week routines with increasing intensity.

    Here’s what the third week should look like:

    • Day 1: Strength
    • Day 2: Recovery
    • Day 3: Power-endurance
    • Day 4: Recovery
    • Day 5: Strength
    • Day 6: Power-endurance
    • Day 7: Rest/Recovery

    Include the corresponding exercises into each day to get a look similar to Henry Cavill.

    The Rock-inspired workout tips

    If you are a big fan of massive arms, then The Rock should be your idol. You should follow workout tips from male celebs like The Rock. His biceps and triceps workout must be your mantra.

    Here are the arm exercises you should focus on:

    • Barbell Bicep Curls: This should be your warm-up; so make sure you keep it light
    • Preacher Curls: You can do sets of these on machines as well
    • Dumbbell Hammer Curls
    • Cable Curls: Do them with a wide grip
    • Bicep curls: In seated position
    • Tricep Extensions: Overhead
    • Triceps Push-downs: Normal grip
    • Triceps Push-downs: Narrow grip
    • Tricep Extensions: In lying position, also called skull crushers
    • Dips with triceps

    Overall, it is advisable to do loads of isolation movements to get huge arms. For high reps for arms, Dwayne Johnson is known to use the George Farah’s method. So focus on your biceps and triceps to get The Rock look. Keep it light initially and add extra sets as you go on. Make sure you pay equal attention to your triceps and biceps.

    There is no single perfect workout, and it depends on what you want to achieve. However, you should follow the workout tips from male celebs, have clear goals, and stick to your routine for best results.

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  • Many people try different ways to lose weight. However, they fail to achieve their goals due to lack of motivation and irregular workout routines. If you are one of those, read on to know the effective workout tips from pros.


    The golden rule of workout is being consistent. One of the important workout tips from pros is that it is always better to have a consistent but simple workout rather than inconsistent and advanced workout.

    Adopt an effective exercise regime

    The following are the three widely accepted exercises that must become a basic in your workout.

    • Strength training:

      Strength training tones your body and makes your muscles stronger.

    • Interval training:

      Interval training is very time efficient and beneficial in increasing your fitness. It involves following alternating patterns of exercise.

    • More cardio:

      People are now realizing the benefits of regular cardio exercise. This could be anything that you love to do like running, walking, or even dancing.

    Don’t chase and have realistic goals

    Often people get to inspired by what they watch in movies and try to achieve them. Although before you do so make sure they are realistic and achievable. Your fitness goals must be more inclined towards a healthy living rather than flashy appearance.

    Find a workout partner

    This is another popular workout tip from pros. Working out with a friend or partner will help you stick to your routine much longer and also make it a social activity. You are more likely to exchange encouragement and feel happy about workout self.

    Don’t forget your lifestyle

    Plan your workout such that it gels with your lifestyle. Make sure your exercise regime falls within what is possible as per your lifestyle, work timings, and social activities.

    Don’t avoid core lifts

    It is important that you do your squats and deadlifts. There is simply no work around it. Make sure you don’t skip it.

    Workout as per your energy levels

    One of the popular workout tips from pros is that it is best to workout when your energy levels are at the peak. This may vary for individuals, so you need to find your own time that is best suited for your body.

    Get professional help

    Although it is not compulsory advisable that you seek professional guidance. Professional trainers would help you to recognize your weak links. He/she will guide you towards personalized fitness as your body type.

    Stay motivated

    The most important aspect of fitness is the mental perseverance. Make sure you don’t lose the spark and keep yourself inspired. Buy whatever works for you. Having tangible goals or a celebrity that you admire or even a very encouraging fitness trainer, all help in keeping the motivation up.

    Have patience

    You can’t stress enough how important it is to be patient in case of fitness and workout. You should not be expecting overnight results and rather focus small but persistent efforts. Becoming fit is a continuous journey, and one must not hurry.

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  • Anyone who frequents the gym or engages in physical activity of any kind, can tell you anything you need to know about the dreaded post workout blisters. Depending on what kind of exercise you engage in the most, and the intensity, you can have blisters that recover in a few hours or take days altogether.
    Workout blisters are demotivating and painful, and make your day to day life a little more difficult than it needs to be. This is why it’s important to know how to avoid and treat workout related blisters that may pop up all over your body.

    What are workout blisters?

    Most common blisters develop on hands and palms. This is because the most popular and effective of all exercises require a bit of lifting and pulling. Blisters are usually your first sign of trouble, and if you ignore them long enough, they become calluses and may even tear.
    Blisters can also develop on your feet in the form of pus filled bumps or bubbles. They usually burst upon contact with any surface and cause serious burning pain and infections. Most of us tend to ignore them, or cover up with a bandaid at most. This should be avoided, especially if you’re diabetic, since these tiny little problems can very quickly become untreatable infections.

    How can you prevent workout blisters?

    The best part about these tiny painful occurrences is that they are easily avoidable. Here are a few things to keep in mind and run through if you find yourself dealing with blisters too often.

    • Avoid overexertion

      Most novice gym goers often commit the mistake of being too rough on their hands. This can be seen in tight grips and frantic urgency in their movements. Even if you’re working out, take it slow. Remember that fingers mustn’t be too tight but firm enough for a comfortable grip.

    • Use Protection

      Simply put, don’t ignore your hands or feet when it comes to skin care. Try to massage your hands and feet with coconut oil frequently. Make sure your hands aren’t too slippery before you grab that next dumbbell though. You can also go for powder or petroleum jelly. Remember to properly rinse it off post workout.

    • Wear gloves, socks, and the right shoes

      This cannot be stressed enough. If you spend hours at the gym and find that you have sensitive skin, then it’s best to invest in a pair of good gloves for your hands. In the case of your feet, make sure the socks are soft and breathable, and the shoes provide good grip without rubbing too much on your feet.

    • Avoid embellishments

      Both finger and toe rings are to be strictly avoided. By ignoring to do this, not only do you risk getting a cut due to constant friction, but also promote infections that can quickly occur due to the presence of metal.

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  • Running is an integral part of fitness. When you are running, you are exercising a number of muscles of your body, including the heart muscles. By choosing running, you have chosen the right path to stay fit. If you run regularly, you seldom need to do any other exercise. However, to run regularly and run the distance, you need a lot of strength, endurance, and flexibility in your muscles. Therefore, you should go through some running tips before starting on your first run.

    Buildup muscular strength

    When you are running, a lot of muscles in your body are working at the same time. If your muscles are not strong enough, you will soon get fatigued and possibly injured. Therefore, you should start practicing with small runs. These will help you build up muscle strength bit by bit. You can build up muscle strength through regular exercises as well. Stronger muscles will not only help you run better and faster but also prevent injuries to a large extent.

    Build endurance

    Running is an endurance test for many of your bodily systems such as cardiovascular and musculoskeletal. If you build up enough endurance in your system, they will greatly help you have a better and more distant run. To build up endurance, you can consider exercises like pushups and indoor cycling. These are, in fact, muscle building as well as cardio exercises.

    Load up on carbohydrates

    When you are running long distances, you spend lots of energy. Therefore, you need to store a lot of energy in your body to spend during the entire run. Experts’ running tips stress on eating a lot of carbohydrates on the previous day. It may be better to eat smaller but frequent meals loaded with carbs.

    Add salt to your food

    You are going to lose a lot of salt during the entire race. So you may need to add some salt to your diet before the race so that you don’t fall short of a very important mineral, sodium. In all the running tips shared by experts, they stress the importance of having some salt before the race. Therefore, you can have some salty snacks.

    Consume at least two to three bananas before running

    Bananas help runners in a number of ways. Running puts a lot of stress on your bones. To help bones withstand such stress, you need to supply them with an essential mineral, magnesium. You can do that to some extent with banana. Running also results in loss of potassium. If you don’t consume potassium, you may run the risk of muscle cramps during the run. Moreover, banana also contains Vitamin B6, which plays a key role in promoting energy metabolism and transportation of oxygen to the cells. Thus, bananas can help you finish a run smoothly, says most expert running tips.

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  • Similarly like drinking water, eating food and breathing, sleeping is a fundamental physical need for the sustenance of human beings. Do you remember when the last time was that you had slept well? Sleep deprivation or insufficient sleep is the major challenge which most parents of new infants, especially mothers face.

    What do you mean by sleep deprivation?

    Sleep deprivation is a wider concept. It is a medical condition of forcibly by someone else being kept awake, to the point of noticeably lower alertness. Sleep deprivation is caused due to the reasons enumerated below:

    What are the causes of sleep deprivation?

    You must know that sleep deprivation occurs if:

    • You are not able to sleep sufficiently (sleeping only for 5 hours or even less every night). This can be due to anxiety or depression.
    • You mess with your body’s circadian rhythm.
    • You have a medical disorder of the normal sleep pattern or sleep apnea that is preventing you from getting adequate sleep at night or causing semi-somnia. It can be due to certain mental health conditions.

    Many people think that getting fewer hours of sleep per day is fine to survive happily but in reality, it is not. Sleep deprivation, or in other words, sleep deficiency has a great impact on the sleep-wake cycle. However, totality sleep deprivation can be defined as keeping vigil all throughout the day.

    What are the major symptoms of sleep deprivation?

    Many think that getting fewer hours of sleep per day is fine, but it is not. Sleep deprivation can be persistent or severe. Whether the medical condition is persistent or severe, it will have a great effect on the sufferer’s brain. A severe amount of sleep deprivation can cause fatal vehicular accidents. While on the other hand, persistent sleep deprivation can cause the following symptoms:

    • Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS)
    • Mental or physical weariness
    • A sensation of lightheadedness
    • Obesity or increase in body weight
    • A stroke or a heart attack if the sleep deprivation amount is dangerous.
    • Mood swings
    • Awkwardness in one’s movements
    • Lack of concentration
    • Hypertension

    Sleep deprivation is a condition that needs to be attended. If you are battling with any one or more than one of the sleep deprivation symptoms mentioned above, then you should immediately fix an appointment with your physician. You must not hesitate in discussing your problem with the doctor. You should ask your physician about the available treatment options.

    Treatment options for sleep deprivation

    The only solution to the problem of sleep deprivation is increasing the total sleeping hours. An individual should get at least 8 hours of sleep per day.

    In a nutshell, getting minimum of eight hours of sleep every day at the proper time is essential for every individual for improving the quality of their lives as well as maintaining good emotional and physical health.

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  • It is a known fact that smoking tobacco is injurious to health. There are absolutely no safe tobacco products available in the market. Smoking tobacco not only affects the lungs but also pose a threat to your overall health. Studies say that the mortality rate of people who smoke is three times that of non smokers.

    Smoking can cause a lot of health complications, both short as well as long term. Smoking tobacco products makes you vulnerable to many health problems over the course of several years. Moreover, some bodily effects are immediate.

    Damage to the lungs

    When you smoke, you take in extremely harmful substances that can cause severe damage to your lungs. The damage only worsens over time if one does not quit smoking.
    Smoking can cause many problems in the respiratory system. People who have the habit of smoking are more susceptible to non-reversible chronic lung conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer.
    Withdrawal from tobacco can result in temporary congestion and discomfort while your lungs and airways start healing. If you experience an increased mucus production immediately after you quit smoking, take it as a positive sign of the recovery of your respiratory system.

    Cardiovascular health

    Smoking causes damage to the cardiovascular system as well. Nicotine causes blood vessels to tighten, restricting the flow of blood in your system. The ongoing narrowing over several years may cause peripheral artery disease.
    You are at a greater risk of worsening your heart condition by smoking if you have had a bypass surgery, had a stent placed in your blood vessel, or suffered from a heart attack. Smoking can also increase the blood pressure, weaken the blood vessel walls, and cause blood clots.

    Impact on skin, hair and nails

    Changes in the color and texture of the skin are some of the obvious signs of smoking. Harmful substances in tobacco can actually change your skin structure. Moreover, studies suggest that smoking excessively increases risk of squamous cell carcinoma or skin cancer.
    Smoking can also harmfully affect your fingernails and toenails. The consumption of tobacco makes you vulnerable to fungal nail infections.
    Nicotine causes damage to hair as well. Smoking is known to increase the loss of hair and cause balding and greying.

    Smoking can also cause a lot of other health problems such as the mouth, throat, larynx, and esophagus cancer, low sexual performance, Type 2 diabetes, strokes, pneumonia, asthma, and general fatigue.

    Quitting smoking is difficult but definitely possible. If you find difficulty in quitting on your own, seek help from your doctor without delay. Today, there are a plenty of prescription and non-prescription medicines to help you quit smoking. There are short and long term benefits of quitting smoking. Find a way to quit smoking and take a step toward a healthier life.

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